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Medical Diagnostics

Digital Radiology

We upgraded to Digital Radiology (X-ray) in July 2011.  Digital Radiology generally produces higher quality X-ray images that can be adjusted to the optimal settings to allow us to see better detail and diagnose subtle abnormalities with greater accuracy.

In-house Bloodwork

We upgraded our bloodwork machines in April 2012, adding the latest technology to our laboratory.  The new complete blood count (CBC) and blood chemistry machines give us more information than ever before along with an even higher degree of accuracy.  The complete blood count is a measure of the different cell types in the blood such as Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Lymphocytes, and Platelets.  Blood chemistry surveys the function of core organ systems such as the Liver and Kidneys as well as allowing us to measure key electrolytes.  Abnormalities associated with each of these tests can alert us to and aid in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases and disorders.

Our new equipment also allows us to run many more tests in the hospital, enabling us to have same-day results for common monitoring tests such as Phenobarbital Levels, as well as tests associated with conditions such as Cushings and Thyroid disease.

Ultrasound Imaging

Our Doctors have obtained additional training and expertise using ultrasound technology to image the internal structures of the dog and cat and make assertions about whether those structures appear normal or abnormal.  Ultrasound is very helpful in diagnosing disease in many of the organs within the abdomen.

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