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We value our clients' experience at Blake Veterinary Hospital. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.  Download & Print Questionnaire

Dr. Jonathan Blake

Comments/Suggestions to Improve Your Visit

11-26-19: "its the best!!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Midnight, Tabby)

12-07-19: "its the best!!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Midnight, Tabby)

12-07-19: "its the best!!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Midnight, Tabby)

12-07-19: "its the best!!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Midnight, Tabby)

12-07-19: "I have been with you for 15 years. Started with Dr Blake when he was in San Ann. The staff is very caring and sensitive to all your needs when it comes to your babies." - Shelly Francis (Murphy, Tootsie)

12-07-19: "It was perfect." - Lori Collins (Dakota, Ewok, Lily, Maggie Mae, Natchez, Rosie, Scruffy, Xela)

12-07-19: "As always Dr. Blake and the staff are amazing with our babies." - Christine Wilder (Pebbles, Pepper, Sampson)

12-06-19: "I sell mobile hones in Forest Lake estates. Your office is on my preferred vendor list Love you guys" - Laura Mahon-Tinsman (Sir Harry Potter)

12-06-19: "I don't know It was a great experience an I recommend you to another in the park. Thank you for the very professional service." - William Brooks (Max)

12-05-19: "Nothing! Your care is wonderful! The expense is a lot for us as we are retired and on SSN!! Don't know what her annual will be! Blessings!" - Tari Herron (Hannah)


11-30-19: "You guys were great! Thanks for taking such great care of her!" - Feliz Geslani (Judy, King)

11-28-19: "No other way. As always, Dr Blake and the staff are awesome!" - Cheryl Shankle (Suzie)

11-27-19: "You are all great every time we visit your office! We really appreciate everything you do for our furry friends. Thanks so much!!! -Jen Tyre" - Jennifer Tyre (Stormy)

11-26-19: "Nothing, you and your staff are great." - Lisa Dibenedetto (Cocoa Chanel)

11-26-19: "Pleased with appointment and services." - Megan Worthy (Davie, Kane)

11-26-19: "its the best!!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Midnight, Tabby)

11-25-19: "We are always welcomed when we walk in. The care our puppies get us A1. They all show compassion for my kids (pups). Thanks!" - Sally Koiso (Lucy)

11-24-19: "You all do a great job !!" - William Briggs (Scruffy)

11-23-19: "Everyone at your office is wonderful. We are so thankful to have found your facility. Dr Blake is very patient and knowledgeable. The vet techs are sweet and loving, especially Annie! Even the front desk ladies are phenomenal. We love all of you and thank you for taking excellent care of our fur-babies, Lucian, Layla, and Chiquitica. We continually recommend your office to friends famiy and neighbors." - Christine Vetter (Chiquitica, Layla, Lucian)

11-22-19: "I got my neighbors three of them coming to you" - Loretta Sayers (Blue, Bozo, Molly, Onyx, Sam)

11-21-19: "Nothing. You guys are all amazing. Thank you for taking care of our babies." - Heather Greene (Angie, Athena, Khaleesi, Zeus)

11-18-19: "Thank you Dr.Blake!! As well as the staff. You are all amazing and so caring...." - Anna Duran (Koko)

11-18-19: "It was excellent! I would highly recommend, except that as you get so many new would become harder to get appointments." - Jan Scaglione (Annie, Bodacious, Carys, Cricket, Dia, Fay, Lolly Pop, Moxie)

11-16-19: "Everything went well. Thank you." - Joan Hepscher (Petey)

11-14-19: "Everything went well, always treated great and the girls working there are wonderful." - Donna Hannah (Hanna, Mojo, Tabby)

11-11-19: "Wonderful!" - Teresa Grzeskowiak (Coco)

11-10-19: "I can't think of anything I would change, the staff and Dr. Blake are great." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

11-08-19: "Don't think you could have." - David Rewalk (Shamrock)

11-08-19: "Love, love, love Dr Blake and his entire staff! They are the nicest and most caring veterinary hospital I have ever had the pleasure of taking my dogs to. They are my furever place!<3" - Daphne Hernandez (Bentley, Cali, Pixie)

11-08-19: "My experience was good." - Susan L Johnson (Mekah, Ozzie)

11-01-19: "I'm very pleased with the staff here." - Florinda Clark (Bella, Buddy, Hank, Indy, Sam)

10-30-19: "My experience bringing cats Tavi and Alera to Blake Veterinary Hospital for the first time was exceptional. I am very confident I selected the best care for my cats." - Brenda Fernando (Alera, Tavi)

10-29-19: "It was a great experience. Dakota is timid and it's very difficult to trim her nails. Annie displayed care and patience and got the job done. Much appreciated." - Terry O'Grady (Coco, Dakota, Kansas)

10-28-19: "Possibly have additional staff at the front desk, it seems like lately there has only been one staff member which causes it to back up due to phone calls, checking in and out, pickups, etc. Otherwise, all is great! Thank you" - Vickie Whitt (Diesel)

10-26-19: "No complaints. Excellent service" - Lee Koepke (Murphy)

10-25-19: "You guys just make our experience good by who you are and how graciusly you take care of our pets. Thank you. Couldn't be a better experience." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Maggie Mae, Nathan, Sweetie)

10-24-19: "Can't imagine" - Barbara Donaghy (Henry, Rusty)

10-18-19: "Keep being fantastic" - Kathleen & Laura Burke (Penny, Percy, Sullivan)

10-17-19: "Everything went great :) Everybody was nice and the service was great. Couldn't ask for better!" - Drema Reivera (Bruno, Cleo)

10-15-19: "Nothing. Ya'll are fantastic!" - Maryanne Caruso (Bella, Bobby, Bonnie, Fury, Lilly, Merlin, Tidbit)

10-15-19: "Very good" - Ivy Malacara (Rocko)

10-14-19: "Dr Blake and his staff treat Piper like she is a part of their family. We are very pleased with care Piper receives." - Kay Sass (Piper)

10-13-19: "Not such a long wait when we have an appointment." - Patricia Neamon (Finnigan)

10-12-19: "Keep being awesome <3 Thank you guys for always answering my questions and caring for my crazy pup !" - Sarah Gatke (Jesse, Luke)

10-09-19: "no" - Donna Kunkle (Cookie, Sugar)

10-05-19: "The experience was excellent with both Petey and Puggles." - Billy Lehr (Petey, Puggles)

10-05-19: "Dr. Blake's is a very well run, well staffed veterinary center. Dr. Blake is efficient, yet empathetic." - Gail Reynolds (Daphne, Oliver)

09-30-19: "excellent staff" - Sandra Wilcox (Bailey)

09-27-19: "Our experience was absolutely excellent. We felt so at home on our first visit. Looking forward to a long relationship between Blake Veterinary and our dog." - Linda Burns (Jenna)

09-24-19: "No changes needed excellent service" - Molly Bowman (Joanie, Zelda)

09-23-19: "I sell mobile homes I alway give out your cards. Best vet ever had" - Laura Mahon-Tinsman (Sir Harry Potter)

09-23-19: "Did not think it could ever get any better... Your outstanding" - Mary Eckerson (Jenny)

09-21-19: "There is no way to improve on perfection!" - Konny Withers (Mosby)

09-15-19: "Staff is great & Doc Blake is always pleasant." - Sonya Figuero (Bear, Theodore)

09-13-19: "The service is outstanding! Everyone is welcoming and kind." - Dianna Carrino (Alley)

09-12-19: "In no way! You're all knowledgeable professionals with many years of valued experience. We love you all! Kisses from Aunt Ginny" - Mary Jo Merritt (Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Darby, Drake, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

09-12-19: "Everything was perfect" - Michelle Evans (Mojo, Nigel, Pepper, Storm)

09-12-19: "The layout of the reception area could be improved if you decide to remodel or expand in the future." - Christopher Youngblood (Arthur) - We would LOVE to expand the reception area!  Unfortunately, we are restricted in what remodel work we may do to the property.  We're frequently trying new ideas to see what may work best to cut down on congestion around the front desk.

09-12-19: "Your entry area gets pretty congested. You might consider a plan for intake and egress. Otherwise, exceptional service and care." - Julia Lewis (Baby, Sadie Dixie Mae, Tucker) - We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.  We're frequently trying new ideas to see what may work best to cut down on congestion around the front desk.

09-09-19: "Very thing was wonderful." - Bernadette Carberry (Clancy)

09-08-19: "Everyone was very nice and helpful. Seems as though everyone there loves all animals." - Donald & Vivian Davenport (Button, Minnie, Mitten, Sassy)

09-07-19: "We were very pleased with everything and will continue to bring Sadie and recommend you to others!" - Eileen Parker (Sadie)

09-03-19: "Great staff!" - Teresa Grzeskowiak (Coco)

09-03-19: "We were fine. There was a bit of a wait as it was Saturday morning, but I did not mind." - Joann Johnston (Katya)

09-03-19: "We have been with Dr. Blake since he started his practice. He is awesome and so are the techs he hires. We would not take our furry children any where else. We drive 45 minutes (and pass multiple other vets) to see Dr. Blake." - Fran Teza (Maggie, Rudy)

09-02-19: "It was an excellent experience" - Betty J Smith (Honey)

09-01-19: "you can't. all of our experiences have been excellent." - Martina Gosselin (Smokey)

09-01-19: "You couldn't everything is perfect" - Mildred Pinkston (Gabby)

09-01-19: "If you picked him up and delivered him back? Maybe if it was free? Seriously... Your team ROCKS!" - Michelle Hansen (Bubba Bear)

09-01-19: "I love this Vet and his team. Well organized, efficient, educational, and truly a relationship oriented service. Thank You to your whole staff for being the best." - Robert Watson (Finley)

08-31-19: "The staff is always wonderful. Very professional and authentic. We appreciate you!" - Ann Button (Agnus, Fergus, Miss Kitty)

08-30-19: "Can't think of a thing!" - Joanne Jacob (Gizmo, Romy)

08-30-19: "You guys are already the best" - Alexa Evensen (Koda)

08-26-19: "You did great" - Marge Lamarca (Maverick)

08-25-19: "As always, staff and Dr. Blake are great." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

08-25-19: "You are always so patient with Red - Thank you!" - Robert Fisher (Red)

08-25-19: "Had a great experience with My dog , awesome Staff. Will very likely recommend Blake Veterinary Hospital. Thank You." - Romuald Jadotte (Marley)

08-23-19: "N/A, I appreciate you fitting us in at the last minute!" - Roberta Starks (Ellie)

08-20-19: "It was great!" - Allison Oaks (Bowden, Cinnamon, Delilah, Oreo)

08-20-19: "We love Dr Blake and his team." - Helen Shows (Ziggy)

08-18-19: "The ladies at the desk and the vet techs are terrific. To be fair, I haven't met Dr Blake yet. My first experience in January 2019 with the office was pretty good. The substitute Vet was great. This visit the sub-Vet was off-putting, bordering on rude and quite dismissive. I didn't enjoy him as much. Still a great experience at the front desk and one of the young female vet techs provided further information regarding my pets' care after the Dr had exited." - Laura Chauncey (Addison, Braden Kenne, Skylar) - Thank you for your detailed experience! We apologize that your recent visit didn't meet expectations.  Dr. Blake was not in-office that day and had a relief veterinarian fill-in for him.  This relief veterinarian is no longer doing relief work for us as he did not meet our standards. We hope to redeem ourselves at your next visit with Dr. Blake!

08-13-19: "Dr. Blake and his team are a caring, kind, and compassionate group of individuals. They're always looking out for your pet's well-being, and they listen closely to your concerns as pet parents. I would definitely recommend this clinic." - Carlos Liesa (Boo, Chupa, Colt, Huckleberry, Wyatt)

08-10-19: "Nothing, you guys are awesome!" - Maryanne Caruso (Bella, Bobby, Bonnie, Fury, Lilly, Merlin, Tidbit)

08-08-19: "My experience could not be better. Dr. Blake and his staff the standard by whom all others strive for." - Doug Bittner (Toto)

08-05-19: "Just fine "Great staff." - Cathy Mosure (Ariel)

08-05-19: "Thank you all for taking good care of our little "old man" -- he's doing much better :-) We know we can depend on you to do what is best for our pets." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Maggie Mae, Nathan, Sweetie)

08-05-19: "There's no improvement needed! Dr. Blake, Teresa and the front office staff were so kind and thorough in taking care of my cat Sammy! Thank you so much! Cordially, Glenda and Louis Freijo" - Glenda Freijo (Sammy)

08-04-19: "I have never had a problem. The staff is caring, competent and friendly. Never a problem getting an appointment." - Jo Jugel (Tina)

08-04-19: "How could it get better !! You're already the best" - Rita Lazzara (Max)

08-03-19: "He's kind, and competent. Always, the staff made time for us when my cats are sick. Thanks you for that, Dr. Blake, and staff" - Sandra Hoppe (Bullet, Lima)

07-30-19: "You couldn't! It was awesome!" - Julie Faulkner (Lucius, Moe, Pearl)

07-30-19: "No complaints, Dr. Blake always does a great job." - Tiffany Shepler (Bengally, Chugs, Dixie, Kylo, Mini)

07-30-19: "Awesome Vet and Staff. My furbaby is always well taken care of." - Lisa Dibenedetto (Cocoa Chanel)

07-29-19: "Your staff always treat us with care, patience & compassion, whether we are grieving over putting down a pet or simply there for routine matters. We appreciate you" - Donna Morris (Bilquis, Button, Chicken, Duke, Hammy, Leo, Mr. Wednesday, Munki, Toby)

07-28-19: "Annie always does a nice Job on Jesse's Nails but gets a 10 out of 10 stars for this last job. Thank you Dr Blake and Staff for being their for Jesse!" - John M Flinchum (Jesse, Tommy)

07-27-19: "It's fine just the way it is." - Donna Hannah (Hanna, Mojo, Tabby)

07-26-19: "Serve wine in the waiting room!" - Sylvia Kelly (Brownie, Buster, Chester, Dixie, Penny, Shadow, Sheldon)

07-20-19: "Nothing... we were a walkin and the wait was nominal ... and everyone was great when dealing with us."" - Tammi Cartwright (Cody, Maggie)

07-19-19: "Maybe a pain pill she was very uncomfortable that day. Better the next day" - Eileen Halczyn (Daisy, Holly, Mandy, Max, Tahoe, Vincent)

07-19-19: "The best doctor and staff! Trust Max's care with you <3" - Melanie Foltz (Maxwell)

07-19-19: "Just fine "as is." - Malcolm Smith (Joe)

07-19-19: "You guys are AWSOME!" - Shelly Francis (Murphy, Rusty)

07-14-19: "Nothing to add. I am pleased" - Mary Eckerson (Bindi, Carmel, Cuddles, Jasper, Jenny, Mickey, Mouse, Pokie, Tabitha, Tater Tot)

07-14-19: "The only thing would be to make the wait time shorter. It was much better this time." - David Rewald (Shamrock)

07-13-19: "I love coming here. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would love to see an alternative to Trifexis as the cost is killing me!" - Elizabeth Dwyer (Bella, Bubba, Harper, Rikki)

07-12-19: "It was a very good experience. We waited a little longer than expected, but I understand some patients may need more time and attention than Dr. Blake anticipated. I know he would spend whatever time required for my pets." - Joanne Spingler (Kramer, Zoe)

07-12-19: "Everyone is AWESOME!" - Paula Fretwell (Jaycee, Perry, Phineas J, Scooter, Smokey)

07-12-19: "We were very happy with the service and with the employees. Keep up the great work." - Dan Lajeunesse (Tiki)

07-11-19: "I can not add anything to have made my experience any better. I appreciate the timely response to our family needs." - Drema Rivera (Bruno, Cleo)

07-05-19: "You were professional, prompt and resolved the presenting issue. Thanks a bunch." - Tracy Stevens (Brutus, Ginger)

07-04-19: "Great service already!" - Daphne Marciniak (Angel, Shade)

07-03-19: "I love Dr. Blake and his staff. I always get excellent treatment. I would have put 10, but this last visit changed that. I got a doctor never seen before. I did not like him at all. Didnt introduce himself. Didnt even address the issue i came for just tried to sell me on light treatments i cant afford. The technician had to ask him about the issue i came for because he was going to end the visit and didnt even address it. Left without getting an answer and feel like i paid for nothing and wasted my time. I have never left that office feeling that way. BTW, i really appreciated the technician because I may not have even gotten the issue I came 4 addressed at all if it weren't for her." - Susan Slater (Clyde, Eve, Lilo, Molly) - We apologize that your recent visit didn't meet expectations.  Dr. Blake was not in-office that day and had a relief veterinarian fill-in for him.  This relief veterinarian is no longer doing relief work for us as he did not meet our standards.

06-29-19: "Wonderful Clinic; Great Staff and Techs; Best Vet ever had!" - Teresa Grzeskowiak (Coco)

06-28-19: "Very please - Punkin was feeling better the very next day and I didn't have to mortgage my home to get wonderful care!" - Michele Overland (Lovebug, Punkin)

06-28-19: "shorten the time that it takes for the doctor to come in after the tech has check the cat over" - George Rood (Dimples, Jr) - We apologize for the inconvenience during your visit.  We do our best to accommodate all of our patients, including unexpected emergencies without compromising quality. Unfortunately, Dr. Blake is only one doctor, but the hope is we'll find another doctor to share the load as well as a shared vision for the practice.

06-27-19: "Everything was great and appt went smoothly" - Delores Haynes (Buddy)

06-25-19: "N/A, I always have the best experience!" - Emma Bartels (Winnie)

05-26-19: "I feel extremely comfortable bringing Kilo to Blake Veterinary Clinic. I am always confident that you guys will do everything within your power to give Kilo the care he needs. The entire staff is extrememly friendly and make us truly feel like family. Thanks for all that you do!" - Stephen Parker (Kilo)

06-21-19: "Nothing could have been better" - Gerri Jackson (Adev, Mia)

06-16-19: "Keep up the great service and your wonderful empathy." - Daryl Cleland (Kat)

06-16-19: "Have already recommended you to everyone" - Joanne Rademacher Loyd)

06-16-19: "Have the appointment on time or reasonable close to appointment. Over one half hour is a little long to wait." - Michael Cudahy Sr (Shadow) - We apologize for the inconvenience during your visit.  We do our best to accommodate all of our patients, including unexpected emergencies without compromising quality, but we also constantly strive to see our appointments in a timely fashion.

06-15-19: "I have a little special needs dog - I trust Dr. Blake with him" - Tony Watkins (Chanel, Mickey)

06-14-19: "Nothing I would change the Vet & the Staff were all Awesome & always take care of my animals with so much love!" - Sandy Ponce (Baby, Brown, Luner, Mr.Sparkles)

06-14-19: "I just love Blake Veterinary. Everyone is very friendly and Dr Blake is a wonderful vet." - Linda Dunbar (Buck)

06-14-19: "We love Dr. Blake and wouldn't take our fur babies anywhere else. They are great and don't know what they could do better." - James Spadaccini (Hugs, Kisses)

06-14-19: "It was great!" - Dianna Carrino (Alley)

06-14-19: "Everything was great" - David Norris (Chevy, Cujo, Mojo, Peanut)

06-12-19: "Very satisfied. The Jeep could use a spot of mud though." - Bill Bradford (Chester)

06-11-19: "More help on the counter in early morning and late afternoon. Too much of a wait for busy people." - Nancy Lants (Lulu)

06-07-19: "Dr. Blake's Office staff is the best. Always attentive and caring." - Lyzette Sosa (Amber, Bacardi, Terrance)

06-06-19: "Not really in your control, but the large black dog barking aggressively in the waiting room at drop off was a bit off-putting." - Michelle Hansen (Bubba Bear) - We apologize for the less than pleasant atmosphere!  We do our best to accommodate all of our patients and getting the aggressive/loud ones contained ASAP!

06-04-19: "No problem here. I appreciate Dr Blake's honesty and trust him with both my dogs. Dr Blake and I have been through a lot together, bad and good times and I will always trust him" - Janet Taylor (Buttercup, Reesie Bear)

06-03-19: "Discipline the customers to sign in and sit down without crowding the front counter." - Kemp Hetzler (Moxie Girl)

06-03-19: "When you are the best, there is nothing you can do better as far as I am concerned." - Kristi Holden (Gimpy, Gizmo, Grayson, Popeye)

05-31-19: "It's silly, I guess, but we just like visiting your office. You're all so nice and the pets (all of them) are entertaining. We like that Dr. Blake sent us home to think about Cushings and the next step, assured  us that Mary Jane is not uncomfortable. She's a very old girl whose been through enough, and we're living with her as she is unless we see she is not doing well. Just appreciate Dr. Blake's thoughtfulness in giving us space to think things through and not jumping on the expensive "next test" bandwagon. Thank you all for all you do." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Maggie Mae, Mary Jane, Nathan, Sweetie)

05-30-19: "Everyone is Very kind. Thank you ^.^" - John Wester (Furby)

05-28-19: "Not waiting as long. TV in waiting room" - Vickie Michaels (Cookie, Twixie)

05-26-19: "Nothing to add. I am pleased" - John Long (Tango)

05-26-19: "Not a thing. I always feel well taken care of. Thanks." - Nancy Cohn (Kadee, Tux)

05-26-19: "Wait time was especially long but it was toward end of the day and things happen that are unforeseen." - Susan Sullivan (Ferbie, Goldie)

05-23-19: "I am very pleased with the care our Piper receives at Blake Veterinary Hospital. Dr Blake and staff treat us wonderful. GO GATORS DR BLAKE." - Kaye Sass (Piper)

05-17-19: "It was perfect. Even took us early. Everyone helpful" - Carole Cornell (Molly)

05-17-19: "Nothing. We love Blake Veterinary Hospital and everyone that works there. They treat us like family every time we visit. My pets love all of the staff, and Dr. Blake is wonderful! Absolutely recommend" - Jenna Easton (Edwin, Emma)

05-14-19: "Besides pay the bill (lol) nothing. Genuinely love Dr. Blake and Staff!" - Jo Uber (Daisy, Zoey)

05-12-19: "Everyone there is exceptional!" - Sharon Ewart (Tigger)

05-11-19: "Your staff is the best! Thank you Dr Blake for caring!!" - Sally Blackwood (Honey)

05-11-19: "Dr Blake is outstanding always explains what he is doing and why All the staff is very kind and professional Thank you" - Eileen Halczyn (Daisy, Holly, Mandy, Max, Tahoe, Vincent)

05-10-19: "Excellent customer service, you went above and beyond to assure I would get Josie into the car comfortably for her ride home." - Susan Amstutz (Bonnie Georgia, Josie Willa)

05-10-19: "Dr. Blake and all the staff are always so friendly and helpful. All our animals are always well taken care of when we go for our appointments. We are so fortunate to have Dr. Blake as our veterinarian." - Mary Eckerson (Bindi, Carmel, Cuddles, Jasper, Jenny, Mickey, Mouse, Pokie, Shadow, Tabitha, Tater Tot)

05-09-19: "Love Dr Blake and staff." - Pam Brow (Annabell, Ava)

05-09-19: "Only complaint is the waiting area is small. other than that staff was amazing, and Dr. Blake awesome" - Veronica Henry (Buddy)

05-07-19: "The wait time was over a half hour but other than that everything was great. The Vet and staff are great." - Kathy Cline (Zoey) - We apologize for the unusually long wait time you've experienced during your recent visit with us.  We preferentially see our appointments first, but sometimes we have an emergency that takes precedence and we may fall behind schedule as we try to best meet all our patients' needs.  We appreciate your patience and understanding!

05-06-19: "Y'all need something softer on floor because My Hunter has bad hips and the longer we waited the more pain he was in because of the hard floor ." - Jamie Rose (Hunter, Molly) - We have beds we can offer that may help relieve some of Hunter's discomfort during his visits.  Please feel free to notify us of your needs during check-in and we'll be happy to assist!

05-06-19: "I was great! Always love coming in." - Judy Fletcher (Scout, Sniffles)

05-06-19: "Can't think of anything!" - Toni Clayton (Audra, Rosie)

05-06-19: "As always, a wonderful vet. The entire team at Blake Vet Hospital is excellent." - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

05-05-19: "Awesome staff" - Kathleen & Laura Burke (Penny, Percy, Sullivan)

05-03-19: "My experience is always exceptional!!!!! I would not change anything. Awesome service from both Dr. Blake and his staff!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Charlie, Midnight, Tabby)

05-03-19: "No way for you to improve!!! Y'all are great!!" - Pam Williams (Bruna, Gus)

05-02-19: "Think you are doing a great job already." - Joanne Dunne (Winnie)

05-02-19: "Love Dr Blake and staff." - Pam Brow (Annabell, Ava)

05-01-19: "I love going to dr blakes. Dr blaje and his staff are amazing" - Claudua Smith (Leroy, Pup Pup)

04-29-19: "Everything went like it was supposed to in and out very fast" - Marge Lamarca (Maverick)

04-28-19: "It was good" - Carol Kahl (Koko)

04-27-19: "I love Dr. Blake and his staff!" - Patience Desmond (Candy, Cricket, Leila, Meeko, Sissy, Zena)

04-27-19: "We love you guys, I actually just did recommend you to a group of people yesterday!" - James Spadaccini (Hugs, Kisses)

04-26-19: "Because of the excellent care my pets always receive from everyone, I travel 40 minutes from Lakeland." - Cynthia J Blythe (Oliver Rocker, Roxie, Rudy)

04-22-19: "It was all it should be." - Aundria Wainright (Anna Bell, Jasper)

04-19-19: "It's always a good visit when we go there. You're all so caring and friendly. Love all of you! No need to chang a thing!" - Mary Lee Capparelli (Bandit, Bea, Boo, Miss Gracie, Pearl)

04-19-19: "Everyone at Blake Veterinary Hospital is always very friendly & helpful. Thank you" - Vicky Whitt (Diesel, Mya)

04-18-19: "My dogs care while having her procedure was awesome! Would recommend Dr Blake to anyone." - Rachel Kolaric (Kylo, Leia)

04-18-19: "Service always great! They have always taken great care of my dogs." - Clay Brewer (Bella, Gus)

04-17-19: "It was great." - Emily Keene (Cee Cee, Roo, Sassy, Tigger)

04-15-19: "Dr. Blake's compassionate care is so greatly appreciated." - Susan Bolender (Lexi)

04-14-19: "As usual, Dr. Blake is great and his staff is terrific." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

04-13-19: "Love you guys.... Y'all take such good care of all of our babies.... We appreciate it!!" - Greg Keith (Bailey, Mama, Reese)

04-13-19: "Dr blake and his staff are THE BEST. Professional, caring, friendly every visit. And my kitty Genevieve is comfortable with them, too" - Becky Courtney (Genevieve)

04-12-19: "I really appreciate Dr. Blake and his staff for their care and concern for Sally and myself at a very trying time. Thanks to all." - Carol Peterson (African Jack, Andy, Bitty, Ray, Remus, Sally)

04-11-19: "Keep that wonderful staff happy! They're among the best! Every one of you is appreciated more than we can say." - Mary Jo Merritt (Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Darby, Drake, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

04-09-19: "Blake Veterinary Hospital has a team of outstanding caring people that will do everything possible to take care of your pets." - Delynda Faudel (Annabell, Gabriel, Mattie, Merlin, Sadie)

04-09-19: "Have coffee" - Lina Overmyer (Bambi)

04-08-19: "Can't do better than a 10." - Carol Dickinson (Kinsey, Mitt)

04-07-19: "You are already doing everything just right. The entire staff always makes me feel comfortable and confident that my dogs are getting the best possible care. Thanks for being here for us!" - Rose Lee (Clifford, Gracie)

04-07-19: "Don't know how you could have made it better. You were on time, fast and generous in finding a car ramp for us." - Helen Prankie (Terry)

04-07-19: "You all are doing everything right. I'm pleased with everyone." - Sally Koiso (Lucy)

04-02-19: "The care you provided for our 2 new rabbits was excellent. We recommended your services to our son Michael who had also brought his rabbit also." - Antonia Aragon (Daisy, Ditter, Dusty, Pearl, Ziggy)

04-01-19: "These 4 months we have been bringing our furbabies to Dr. Blake's office has been great. From Kali and her 5 baby yorkies to the old man Gizmo...and Taylor, Jeter, Jaxon. Thank you ALL so much, we will see you all in December as we are heading back to NY this week. Roxanne and Mickey Welser" - Rita Sequen (Gizmo, Jeter, Kali, Taylor)

04-01-19: "Less congestion at the desk at check out time, but this wasn't that bad." - Julia Lewis (Baby, Jake, Sadie Dixie Mae, Tucker)

04-01-19: "Katie and Susan were great, thank you to everyone. Johnny is doing well." - Paige Smith (Johnny, June)

04-01-19: "It's always a joy to come to the office. Staff is amazing" - Justin Case (Niko)

03-31-19: "Very likely 10 fold, I wouldn't go to any other veterinarian.. The staff and Dr. BLAKE ARE AWESOME!!!" - Virginia Riggs (Bumper, Claude, Goldie, Pooh, Wheeler)

03-30-19: "Cookies and ice cream. Lol" - Joanne Rademacher (Loyd)

03-30-19: "My experience was perfect. Thank you for taking care of my little kitty." - Christopher Roxberry (Leo, Neiko)

03-29-19: "No - you guys always treat us well. We have complete confidence in the care you give our fur babies." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Maggie Mae, Mary Jane, Nathan, Sweetie)

03-29-19: "Dr Blake and staff always answers my concerns and make me feel optimistic .." - Marvin Archer (Jamie, Molly, Socks, Tucker)

03-28-19: "We appreciate the excellent service, the care, and love they provide to us and our dogs." - Adlin Rivera (Guner)

03-27-19: "Since he is my son in law and I think he is FABULOUS, no changes. and the young kid that was with him (didn't catch his name) was also sooooo good with our Reba!" - Rita Sequen (Copper, Fancy, Prince, Reba)

03-26-19: "Appreciated your service. I was there for a nail trim for my dog and the staff was great with him. He wasn't very cooperative however they were patient and reassuring." - Megan Worth (Davie, Kane)

03-24-19: "You couldnt do anything to make it better than it areasy iz" - Renee Chapman (Bleu, Savannah)

03-24-19: "We love the care you give our dogs. When in waiting room other people talk about how much they love it, how they wouldn't go anywhere else I always answer---neither would we. Thank you for your service everyone is so kind & great at the job you do." - Steve Markham (Merlin, Zoie)

03-22-19: "I was very pleased with the help and the answers that I got to all the questions that I had." - Susan Hokanson (Chloe)

03-20-19: "Nothing. The most amazing staff!" - Martha Pekarek (Jade)

03-20-19: "It couldn't have been any better! Awesome staff." - Emily Coleman (Vaida)

03-20-19: "I travel almost 2 hours to see Dr. Blake and his Team because they are THAT good at what they do. They treat us like Family and really care about our pets. All my dogs live healthy lives because they are seen by the best of the best! 110% satisfaction." - Arthur Villa-Real (Bella, Brandy, Gigi, Scarlett)

03-19-19: "The service was excellent, the staff very helpful and courteous. I wouldnt change a thing." - Pam Giesking (Costa, Grizzly, Lucy, Mylah, Yeti)

03-18-19: "Can't think of anything. Very please with our visit. Thank you all." - Patrician Neamon (Finnigan)

03-17-19: "<3" - Rita Sequen (Chocolate, Echo, Luna)

03-17-19: "It was great, Reisse Bear was so scared and he is such a big baby and the staff took a lot of care with him. His teeth are beautiful and he no longer has Bad Breath :)" - Janet Taylor (Buttercup, Reesie Bear)

03-15-19: "Exceeded our expectations, thank you!" - Mary McGarvey (Louis)

03-14-19: "In no way because i believe i receive excellent care and trust Dr. Blake and staff. There is one thing. After leaving an appointment, i think of other questions. Is there a way to emsil, communicate without calling each time i rhink of one? Not that there are many questions after. I had an app once. Does that allow for this?" - Susan Slater (Clyde, Eve, Lilo, Molly)

03-13-19: "Nothing you guys were great. Love coming here for my dogs knowing that you will take great care of them. Thank you" - Steve Rogers (Peppermint, Ranger, Snoopy)

03-12-19: "Service was fast nd well done . Hard to improve on that" - Wayne Soltau (Baby Dee, Bishop, Cleopatra, Felicity, Hugo, Snip, Thumper)

03-09-19: "Dr. Blake and his Team are always caring kind and highly professional and we appreciate them as part of our Family." - Margit Chipman (Chloe, Maximus)

03-09-19: "Everything and everyone helpful. Especially Susan" - Carole Cornell (Molly)

03-08-19: "Keep up the great work!" - Erin P Medveczky (Brasco, Zephyn)

03-05-19: "Everything was great!" - Jaci Hurst (Baxter, Felix, Maisie, Phoenix)

03-04-19: "You are all amazing. Could not think of anything." - Steven Gant (Bella, Gretchen, Shadow)

03-04-19: "Dr. Blake and staff are just so helpful and nice, we trust them with all of our pets." - Christine Wilder (Pebbles, Pepper, Sampson)

03-03-19: "Everything was better than we expected and thanks again for taking such good care of jasey" - Andres Olaniel (Jasey, Maggie, Sadie Bell)

03-03-19: "Best vet and staff ever!! Always friendly and personable and caring about animals!!! Thank you!!!!" - Andy Hoffman (Callie, Charlie, Lucy, Sunny, Waffles)

03-02-19: "Everything was great. Thank you." - Carol Fisher (Carly, Daisy, Duke, Emma)

03-02-19: "Always a great experience. Dr. Blake answers all questions. And is very supportive." - Scarlet Glovasky (Blackjack)

03-02-19: "The entire staff is phenomenal!" - Kathy Burke (Penny, Percy)

03-02-19: "Dr Blake and his staff are the best in the area." - Jodi Defilippis (Lucy)

02-24-19: "Time is very tight for me, so if I'm on time for an appointment, it's appreciated we don't wait another 30-35min to be helped." - Theresa Brummett (Jethro Leroy Gibbs, Lola)

02-23-19: "Love Dr. Blake and staff." - Melanie Foltz (Maxwell)

02-20-19: "Nothing. I didn't have to wait long. I've been going there so long, everyone seems like family" - Andrea Valdez (Gracie, Jitterbug, Lola, Maggie, Paint)

02-18-19: "We were very impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff that we came into contact. Also appreciate the importance given to making sure we understood the care instructions for Bandit." - Joan Martinez (Bandit)

02-15-19: "I am always pleased with Kodie's treatment! The staff is amazingly helpful!!" - Angela Perez (Kodie, Kokoa, Kookie, Korie)

02-10-19: "Have been going to Dr. Blake for a few years with my cat and dog. Him and his staff care very much about the animals he treats." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

02-08-19: "I would think as busy as your place is, a bigger waiting room? That's a good thing." - Patrick Molloy (Snowball)

02-08-19: "Excellent care." - Judyth Gessleman (Coco)

02-04-19: "Bubba was so happy when he came hhome! And my great niece and nephew think their catsins ROCK!" - Michelle Hansen (Bubba Bear)

02-04-19: "A great experience." - Scott Baggett (Eli)

02-04-19: "Can't think of anything" - Nancy Cohn (Kadee, Tux)

02-04-19: "The entire staff is the best!" - Gwen Godfrey (Finley)

02-04-19: "We recommend BVH all the time. Thanks." - Kit Ingalls (Ginger)

02-04-19: "Everyone is so nice and they treated Crystal so good." - Cynthia Allen (Crystal)

02-02-19: "Experience could not have been any better! Sevice was prompt and treatment was ready when I was called into the office. Very efficient. Staff is always very friendly and organized, even when checking several patients in and out at the same time. Awesome staff." - Susan Amstutz (Bonnie Georgia, Josie Willa)

02-01-19: "Dr Blake and his staff have been caring for all my pets since he first opened his practice :). I always recommend him when pets and vets are part of the conversation. Special thanks to Kelly for taking care of my little one and following the instructions I give on "what not to do". Having a realationship with a trustworthy Veterinarian and his staff is a number one priority to me as a pet owner. Thanks for your excellent service!" - Cindy Seifert (Hissy, Tex)

02-01-19: "You all are the best!" - Gale Reilly (Ali, Obee)

01-29-19: "I am always vey happy with everyone at this office. Thanks for being so professional and kind to us and especially our 2 kitties and 2 dogs "our babies!"." - Dean Leferink (Beowolf, Miss Daisy, Ruby Sue, Tigger)

01-28-19: "Nothing, it was great." - Susan J Boyd (Baby Girl, Boyd, Henry, Ittens, Jenna, Lucy,Max, Royal Cat)

01-27-19: "Daisy's raspy cough is gone. Thank you. Forgot that when one has a puppy you have to grow eyes in the back of your head! Everything goes into their mouths." - Joan Wilson (Daisy, Lilly)

01-26-19: "very impressed with how good every one was" - Marge Lamarca (Maverick)

01-26-19: "The entire office is great. Always so friendly and helpful I recommend doctor Blake to all the new homeowners in my Park thank you for all you do" - Laura Mahon-Tinsman (Sir Harry Potter)

01-25-19: "Am very please at how I am treating and mostly how you and the staff treats my pet and other pets keep up the great job you all do" - Hal Corey (Sassy)

01-24-19: "The staff is very nice and Dr. Blake is professional and caring." - Natalie Yoquelet (Duke, Nick)

01-20-19: "You guys ROCK!!" - Linda Allen (Riley)

01-18-19: "Susan is always so helpful." - Jeanette Serrato (Kiki)

01-15-19: "Dr. Blake and his team are all great. Next time I will only do one vaccine at a time. Zammy did have a reaction to both. My fault for not remembering to do one at a time. One of the best nail clippings Zammy has ever had. Thank you!!" - Linda Eriksen (Shazam)

01-13-19: "Everything was perfect. Thank you guys for everything you do" - Justin Case (Niko)

01-11-19: "Simply great veterinarian and staff!" - Mary Jo Merritt (Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Darby, Drake, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

01-11-19: "I have already recommended 2 friends." - Emily Keene (Cee Cee, Roo, Tigger)

01-10-19: "Our third medicine for Doc was not put in the bag. Other than that we were very pleased." - Lilian Lopez (Doc, Hershey, Hot Dog, Maggie Mau, Pinky, T.C.)

01-06-19: "Our experience was fantastic. We adopted Louie and we want to thank you for letting us know he is healthy!" - Cheryl & Charlie Pflugh (Louie)

01-05-19: "Everyone is very caring and has always answered all my questions. Blakes was recommended to me and I am glad I took their advice," - Kathleen Garner (Daisy, Pixie, Sky, Smudge)

01-05-19: "The staff is very pleasant and professional with the care of our animals. We appreciate your help with our rabbit, Ditter, and our dog, Ziggy. Keep up the good work. This app is a great tool for communication and finding useful information relating to the care of animals. Thank you." - Antonia Aragon (Ditter, Ziggy)

01-05-19: "We are very happy with the way lucy was taken care of. And have and will continue to recommend your clinic. Thankyou for your service" - Gail Moore (Lucy)

01-01-19: "Awesome doctor and great staff!" - Nancy Troxel (Joey, Pixel)

12-31-18: "Complete satisfaction" - Kathryn Gallick (Miss Dade)

12-29-18: "Love this place with all caring employees for my fur babies" - Bonnie Cabalu (Brutus, Callie, Dexter, Itty Bitti, Jumbo, Kitty, Mela, Merlin, Nina, Scooby, Tinkerbell)

12-27-18: "We are very happy with how things are now. Please don't change a thing" - Doug Bittner (Toto)

12-26-18: "I always recommend Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Nancy Debosek (Nate, Penny, Rowdy, Scooter)

12-24-18: "I have always trusted Dr Blake with all of my animals. Dr Blake's staff is absolutely terrific! I have already and always will recommend Blake Veterinary Hospital to my friends and anyone else needing a good vet. The people I have sent to you have all been very satisfied with Dr Blake and his staff. I hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. Love, Ann Agnus, Fergus, Seamus, Paisley, Heather, Katie Mo, Mocha, Angus...there must be someone else..future animals... So, I don't see how the experience could improve." - Ann Button (Agnus, Fergus)

12-22-18: "It couldn't have been any better. ALL of the staff and the doctor are wonderful!" - Teresa Grzeskowiak (Coco)

12-14-18: "My experience at the vet was awesome. I was nervous because it was his first appointment but the staff were great and very friendly. Parker was very comfortable and trusted the staff. Even after his shots he was just laying on the floor like no big deal. Also, the bill was super reasonable!" - Jennifer Pagliaro (Jazzer)

12-14-18: "Its already the best. Thanks for everything" - Mildred Pinkston (Gabby)

12-10-18: "We love Dr. Blake and his staff!" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

12-09-18: "I already have recommended Blake Veterinary Hospital to friends." - Lorraine Boise (Abigail, Lucy, Max)

12-09-18: "You all are awesome. No complaints at all." - Karen Hannel (Ajax, Atcha, Irma, Kai, Micco, Pepe, Prospero, Pucha, Sissy)

12-07-18: "Entire staff gets 5 stars!" - Jim Yockey (B.B.)

12-07-18: "I'm so thankful that a friend recommended Blake Veterinary. With the great care, I'm sure that's why Buck is still alive. Thank you so much." - Linda Dunbar (Buck)

12-07-18: "I have continued to recommend you to everyone that I know that has pets." - Betty Leslie (Mable)

12-05-18: "Dr Blake and the entire staff is wonderful" - Shirley Tucker (Maggie)

12-04-18: "Always great service every time I am there." - Melissa Dozier (Cujo, Gir, Zim)

12-03-18: "Nothing comes to mind. Keep up the great work" - Shannon Stuckert (Bumble Bee, Chandler, Jarvis, Joey, Loki, Optimus, Thor)

12-03-18: "Everyone was exceptional!" - Shannon Stuckert (Bumble Bee, Chandler, Jarvis, Joey, Loki, Optimus, Thor)

11-30-18: "My son took both dogs in. He didn't share how anything was amiss." - Toni Clayton (Audra, Rosie)

11-29-18: "Best vet ever! We drive almost an hour and it's so worth it! I'm so glad we found a vet that actually cares of our little fur babies." - Michael Harding (Bailey, Jack, Zoey)

11-23-18: "We cannot say enough great things about the entire veterinarian staff. Everyone is so helpful, very kind, and truly care. We are always recommending this veterinarian practice to others. Thank You for taking the best care of our children "cats".." - Lisa Levy (Eddie, Gummi Bear, Lulu, Mimi, Tank)

11-23-18: "everyone is always polite and welcoming No changes needed :)" - Lynn Reinhardt (Zoey)

11-23-18: "Staff is friendly and efficient. They truly care about you and your pet. They don't add a bunch of services you don't need, nor want to schedule unnecessary endless "follow-up" appts. They like to keep medications to a minimum and treat the illness or injury without adding "up charge" services." - Susan Amstutz (Bonnie Georgia)

11-21-18: "Dr. Blake was excellent with Davie. Davie is adjusting to life as an adopted dog and was very skittish and timid in the shelter during his stay. Dr. Blake went slowly and reassured Davie during his exam." - Megan Worthy (Davie, Kane)

11-21-18: "All of you were great. We were very pleased with the service we received on our recent visit with Bandit. His belly has cleared up even tho he still itches at times. Thank you very much..." - Judy Mertens (Bandit)

11-19-18: "Thank you for taking care of Piper!!" - Susan Croft (Chewbacca, Duke, Luna, Piper, Romeo, Rush)

11-19-18: "Everyone was exceptional!" - Jenna Easton (Edwin, Emma)

11-18-18: "Thank you for helping my rooster buddy. I did post anice review on your Facebook page. I am a small scale chicken farmer and had lots of chicken friends. It's nice to know we have a doctor nearby who will see our birds in times of trouble. Thank you :)" - Darren Nelson (Abigail, Blake, Brandy, Delegado, Eli, Major Dane, Scooby, Smokey, Tiago)

11-18-18: "Dr. Blake and staff are beyond amazing. I could not be more thankful to have found them to care for our fur-kids. You are all the BEST!" - Kathy Burke (Jasper, Penny)

11-16-18: "It's worth the drive to have a Vet who cares about the animals instead of just profiting from pet visits. Thanks for all you do." - Brad Arthur (Mason, Princess)

11-16-18: "Always great at Blake Veterinary office." - Christine Wilder (Pebbles, Pepper, Sampson)

11-15-18: "Highly qualified, caring and very customer friendly. Highly recommend." - David Baur (Wally)

11-15-18: "always pleased and comfortable with Dr Blake" - Susan Garside (Baby Whitey, Dusty, Jim Gym, Samantha)

11-13-18: "Very pleased. No nonsense health care. Takes care of what's needed without promoting unnecessary services." - Dakota Kansas (Coco, Dakota, Kansas)

11-12-18: "I wish Dr. Blake could have seen Teddy first, but it's okay. I was impatient and the tech's started shaving him. All in all, I'm glad they shaved what they did because there was a lot of wax! It's slowly but surely coming off." - Susan Colby (Salvadore, Teddy)

11-11-18: "Everything was satisfactory or better. I would have to be a very creative ingrate to think of something to complain about." - Andew Bildz (Mitzy)

11-10-18: "Simply awesome!" - Cynthia Paradis (Brady, Narla)

11-10-18: "You are doing a wonderful job now. Keep up the good job." - Joanne Dunn (Winnie)

11-09-18: "Thank you for your patience with our grumpy Red - hoping he will be better next time around!" - Robert Fisher (Graham, Red)

11-09-18: "No way different than I can say." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

11-09-18: "<3" - Rita Sequen (Chocolate, Echo, Luna)

11-08-18: "good service, nice stuff. thanks" - Sandra Hoppe (Bullet, Lima)

11-08-18: "Nothing better you all are the best!!!! Thank you kindly from the bottom of my heart." - Rhondda Waddell (Andy, Django, Tai)

11-08-18: "Love to see a cat only morning instituted. Since I am not a dog fan, I dislike having to sit in the waiting area with the large dog breeds which seem to be more common at the practice now that are being brought in. Just a personal thing." - Susan Sullivan (Ferbie, Goldie, Little Smokey)
Thank you for the input. One day we hope to have a larger more divided waiting room to better accommodate our canine and feline patients.

11-07-18: "No suggestions, always a pleasure to come to Blake Veterinary Hospital. Thanks for awesome service!" - Rose Lee (Clifford, Duffy)

11-06-18: "Mi'lady is doing well on the pills. She stopped biting me but still growls and wants to bite" - Linda Bigelow (Alley, Louie, M'lady)

11-04-18: "Love Dr Blake, love staff and so does my dog Angel." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

11-03-18: "Everyone was so caring to my new kitten. You could tell that all the employees loved animals and want the best for them." - Kathleen Gardner (Daisy, Pixie, Sky, Smudge)

11-02-18: "Dr. Blake and crew have always done a great job of taking care of all my fur babies would highly recommend them and will always use them as my veterinarian" - Ben Pumo (Camo, Maxwell, Trixie)

11-01-18: "It was wonderful just as it was. Everyone is great. Thank you for taking such good care of Hanna." - Donna Hannah (Hanna, Mojo)

10-27-18: "Love your service. Take such good care of Max" - Melanie Foltz (Maxwell, Tiger Lily)

10-27-18: "We will only bring our fur babies to Dr. Blake. He and his staff went above and beyond with our special needs dog Zoe. When we had to put her down, they were with us from beginning to end and they actually care. We have a new puppy now and they already love her like they did Zoe." - Helen Perry (Coco Pebbles, Lexi)

10-27-18: "Nothing, servic3s were amzing and staff even better" - Stacy Durgan (Remington Grace, Willow Moon)

10-26-18: "You guys are the best!" - Athena Sunderland (Bro, Lily, Sophie)

10-20-18: "Dot was seen quickly and Dr. Blake diagnosed and treated her issue. Everyone is very friendly and professional. Dot thanks you!!" - Vicki Brittain (Dash, Dot, Fenmore)

10-18-18: "You all are great!!! Thanks for taking good care of Latte." - Jody Lazzara (Chanel, Latte)

10-17-18: "We have recommended all our friends and family, some of which already love your services!" - Janet Figueroa (Charlie, Luna, Porkchop)

10-16-18: "Blake Veterinary Hospital is awesome:)" - Stephanie Fields (Loki)

10-16-18: "Was referred to you, by friends/neighbors" - Tricia Girardin (Gigi, Mischief, Oscar Meyer)

10-15-18: "Staff very Friendly & Knowledgeable Love the care my fur babies get from Dr Blake and all staff :)" - Bonnie Cabalu (Brutus, Callie, Dexter, Itti Bitti, Jumbo, Kitty, Marley, Mela, Nina, Scooby, Tinkerbell)

10-15-18: "you'll are the best thank you" - Pauline Mason (Abby, Cleo, Diesel)

10-15-18: "It was excellent" - Nancy Debosek (Nate, Penny, Rowdy, Scooter)

10-15-18: "We appreciate all you do for our "fur babies" :-)" - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Maggie Mae, Mary Jane, Nathan, Sweetie)

10-14-18: "It was excellent" - Steve St. Germain (Cooper)

10-12-18: "Just the kindness exhibited throughout my experience was jaw dropping. Thank you Blake team, I am grateful for your constant dedication to the fur babies!" - Regine Brunache (Bear)

10-12-18: "I have recommended Jordyn Kelly...Cooper. And Jeff crutcher...Jasper :)" - Tammy Kelly (Cody, Eddie, Gabe, Kiki, Rory, Rudy, Sadie)

10-08-18: "The staff is always so nice and concerned about my dog. The techs take such good care and always inform me what is necessary for her care and helpful in finding good treatment. All around a wonderful place!" - Teresa Grzeskowiak (Coco)

10-07-18: "Always take great care of my kids.Thanks" - Debbie Trested (Charm, Cece)

10-07-18: "Thank you" - Clay Brewer (Bella, Gus)

10-06-18: "Oliver always looks forward on visiting Blake Veterinary Hospital and interacting with Dr. Blake and the other veterinary personnel." - Marcus Harmon (Oliver)

10-05-18: "To have the scale in a different location. I was not able to weight Charlie due to other people and their pets close to the scale. Other than that all was great." - Kathy Parish (Avionna, Buddy, Charlie, Hoss, Madison, Nikita)
Thank you for your suggestion!  Unfortunately, due to our limited space we really have no other locations to place the scale that's easily accessible for everyone.  However, we will always gladly help assist in making space so that we can get a current and updated weight for our patients!  We apologize that assistance wasn't offered during your most recent visit with us!

10-05-18: "Thank you so much for taking amazing care of my little Dixie!" - Jeremy Hooks (Diesel, Dixie)

09-30-18: "No,we we're impressed with the care you offered. Dees is resting a lot so far. Thank you for you're help." - Tim Sheehan (Dee)

03-26-18: "Great staff and Dr. Blake is very nice and caring." - Shirley Carlon (Brady)

03-26-18: "Because Kona was sick while we were away on vacation we didn't really know what we were coming home to. You all got her in for an appointment the very next day and with one simple test you knew exactly what the problem was. After just one dose of medicine she was almost back to her normal self. I can't thank you enough." - Stacy Smith (Kona, Lacey, Stanley)

03-26-18: "I don't see any need for improvement. You're great!" - Penny Snyder (Rascal)


03-25-18: "Dr. Blake is amazing. Girls up front are awesome!!! Highly recommend!!" - Stacy Leonetti (Toby, Zoey)

03-25-18: "Everything and everyone are wonderful. Couldn't be better" - Mildred Pinkston (Gabby)

03-25-18: "I have already recommended you guys to a few people you are doing great!" - Meagan Parry (Bandit, Mortie)

03-25-18: "You have a great staff, and we love your place." - Lynn Reinhardt (Zoey)

03-25-18: "Everything was fine -- short wait, nice vet techs and great vet. Unlike some other vets, no pressure to have tests or buy unnecessary products." - Joanne Jacob (Gizmo, Romy)

03-22-18: "I always recommend your practice. You guys are honest and trustworthy." - Emilio Mesa (Belle, Lilly)

03-21-18: "This Is the friendliest place! They definitely care about the fur babies that comr into the office." - Chianne Duncan (Hagrid, Jasmine)

03-20-18: "There are really no words to explain how happy my boy is when we go to Dr.Blakes office." - Amy Hoy (Mac)

03-19-18: "Great service. Just too many people waiting with their dogs. One dog was very aggressive to others and there was no where to go except outside." - Joseph Dominick (Scout)

03-19-18: "We send everyone there" - Dave Gabbard (Maxwell, Sammy, Trixie)

03-18-18: "The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable." - Cynthia Lingenfelter (Abbi, Febe, Otto)

03-17-18: "Every person makes us and of course our cats feel wonderful, comfortable and appreciated. Thank you all!!" - James Simmons (Lucky, Morris)

03-16-18: "I have sent many people your way over the years. :)" - Lisa Freeman (Dallas Star, Delilah Rose, Dolly May, Hank, Jj, Reba, Sally Shay, Shady)

03-16-18: "Can't see how, it was a (seamingly) busy day for you guys, but we didn't wait very long and were very satisfied with the staff and service. Doug" - Judyth Gessleman (Coco)

03-16-18: "Thank you for taking such good care of Glory. She's doing very well." - Donnah Hannah (Glory, Hanna, Mojo)

03-09-18: "Our experience was wonderful.The staff members were very professional and made us feel comfortable during our visit." - Arnold Dixon (Duchess)

03-06-18: "Would not recommending Sat. mornings! :)" - Nancy Marsh (Tucker)

03-06-18: "Dr. Blake and his staff are amazing, caring and very thorough. Dr. Blake always takes his time with his patients and their human parents and allows them to ask as many questions as they need to feel comfortable." -  Michele Donagrandi (Dusti)

03-05-18: "We have always had a good experience with all of the staff at Blake Veterinary. They take great care of our fur babies, especially Sampson." - Christine Wilder (Pepper, Sampson)

03-03-18: "I can't think of a better experience" - Ron Fain (Girly, Rosie)

03-02-18: "we are really happy with the doctor, and the staff." - Sandra Hoppe (Bullet, Lima)

03-02-18: "Dr. Blake and his Staff have been there for us during our sad times and good times.. Thanks for everything you do for our family" - John M Flinchum (Gage)

02-28-18: "I was nervous about trying a new vet for my dog Betty's teeth cleaning. I was more than happy with the way we were treated and the job you did on my baby teeth. Very accommodating and super friendly staff." - Doug Wood (Betty)

02-24-18: "You all are the best and I tell everyone to bring their pet family to Blake Veterinary Hospital. Thank you all for being our family!!" - Kristine Schmelter (Hondo)

02-24-18: "Great experience with this vet. He takes time and explains everything." - Mary Beth Heisner (Frank, Minnie)

02-23-18: "I felt like the staff cared about my dog and took the best care for her. Dr Blake did a great job on her surgery and answered all my questions. Thank you." - Carol Fisher (Carly, Emma)

02-23-18: "The staff and Dr could not have been any nicer. They took great care of my dog and answered any questions I had regarding her care. Thank you very much" - Carol Fisher (Carly, Emma)

02-23-18: "Everything and everyone was great!" - Vicki Brittain (Dash, Dot, Fenmore)

02-16-18: "My thanks to all of you for your excellent care and recommendation to dr Wolf at doggy eyecare. All is well. You nailed it!! Hugs" - Nancy Cohn (Kadee, Tux)

02-15-18: "Can't think of anything. People were prompt and professional while being friendly." - Toni Clayton (Audra, Rosie)

02-13-18: "As usual, staff is great and Dr. Blake very great vet. Angel loves him too." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

02-13-18: "Coffee, cheesecake, & a massage ^-^" - Linda Willison (Bella, Mia)

02-11-18: "This is the only vet that we would bring our pet to. Have a lot of faith in Dr. Blake and everyone who works there." - Joanne Dunn (Winnie)

02-02-18: "I already have recommended you to several." - Fern Williams (Arlo, Cosmo, Dupont)

02-09-18: "I can't think of anything else you could have done. We were seen promptly. My dog was treated with care. All of my questions were answered. Your price was fair. I will recommend you to my friends and come back to you in the future." - Rick Morrin (Buddy)

02-09-18: "Dr Blake is awesome he is the only vet I have ever trusted with Precious. And in the past with my Barkley he was the only vet that after taking Barkley to several others to try and figure out what was wrong with him when he got sick that found out what was making him sick. I had to put Barkley down but Dr Blake was kind and compassionate and helped me through it. I trust him completely with my baby girl Precious." - Paula Chenkin (Precious)

02-05-18: "I have been coming to see Dr Blake for 15 years. Keep up the good work." - Aron P Medveczky (Zephyn)

02-05-18: "It can't get much better. Everybody is always very cooperative and friendly." - Judy Brooks (Cali, Meeko, Minx, Nala)

02-02-18: "I was very pleased." - Elaine Summerhill (Barney)

01-30-18: "Thanks for coming out to the dogs to give them their shots." - Jennifer Keith (Koda, Ottis, Rebel)

01-29-18: "There is absolutely no way to make it better. My experience is always the best. I never leave with a question unanswered or explanation of meds, treatment or whether my dogs are up to date with their care. I can always expect the best care of my babies!" - Susan Slater (Eve, Lilo, Molly)

01-29-18: "Dr. Blake and his team are the best!" - Lenore Quinones (Eli, Peyton)

01-28-18: "Friendly, professional office. Always answer my questions and concerns" - Pennie Jefferson (Bear, Gypsy)

01-26-18: "Terrific staff and highly professional." - David Baur (Wally)

01-23-18: "Blake veterinary is simply the best. Why would you go anywhere else?" - Jim Yockey (B.B.)

01-23-18: "No suggestions" - Brenda J. Jones (Anna, Bear, Ben, Blackie, Bobba Too, Boxer, Buddy, Dee, Dood, Kiki, Kimmy, Lily, Louise, Marty, Robert, Spike, Squeaker, Sugars, Tiny, Tony)

01-20-18: "I am very satisfied with the treatment my pets receive at Dr. Blake's Office. Always there to comfort me when I'm worried and comfort my pets when they sick and scared." - Margit Chipman (Chloe, Maximus)

01-19-18: "Dr. Blake is the best." - Norman Jacobsen (Mcgregor)

01-18-18: "We love all of you. Your the Best! The Markham's Steven, Suecarol, Merlin, and Zoie" - Steve Markham (Merlin, Zoie)

01-18-18: "As usual... Dr. Blake and his entire staff are absolutely amazing. They are so caring, confident and competent. I always know my little Lexi is getting the best possible care. I have never had a better veterinarian. Could not be happier with this entire group." - Jolene Wilson (Lexi)

01-16-18: "Couldn't. Quick in/out. Friendly staff. Clean." - Linda Babb (Bella, Rita, Sora, Winston)

01-15-18: "Great Job!" - Kim Cicanese (Obi, Ted E. Bear)

01-13-18: "Love bringing our dogs there. There isn't anything I would change. The techs treat all our babies with kindness. Thank you." - Donna Hannah (Glory, Hanna, Mojo)

01-12-18: "Best vet, best employees. We love the clinic" - Becky Courtney (Genevieve)

01-07-18: "Very satisfied" - Nancy Wheeler (Katie)

01-02-18: "My many visits have ALWAYS been great! I have no complaints and/or any recommendations to make anything better. Dr. Blake and his staff are wonderful and very professional." - Sharon Hamilton (Halo Angel)

01-01-18: "Everyone at the office was friendly and helpful! Dr. Blake took the time to save our cat! Thank you." - Vicki Michaels (Twixie)

12-24-17: "You're the best! Thank you!" - Kit Ingalls (Chaco, Ginger)

12-22-17: "Matter of fact I asked the greyhound rescue BAGA, to list you on their website as a greyhound vetinarian." - Jody Lazzara (Latte)

12-21-17: "Thanks for taking Maggie in right away - it means so much to know you're there and w can rely on you." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Gus, Maggie Mae, Nathan)

12-19-17: "Mac loves coming to Dr.Blakes office!" - Amy Hoy (Mac)

12-16-17: "Very friendly and caring staff, quick and EXCELENT service" - Wayne Soltau (Cleopatra, Snip)

12-11-17: "if only you were closer to me.. always great service" - Todd Mahon (Dallas)

12-09-17: "It was perfect!!! Happy Holidays. Sher Leipold" - Shirella Leipold (Molli)

12-07-17: "You guys are GREAT!" - Diane Calello (Scarlet)

11-25-17: "The staff is the best" - Ellen Elen (Hannah, Ollie)

11-25-17: "Your people are friendly and personable...the care is quick. Good explanations. Recommendations ffor the future. Thanks I will miss you." - Mary Rosano (Bita, Katie)

11-19-17: "I just love Dr. Blake and his staff. We've been going to Dr. Blake for 12 yrs. That says it all." - Dianne Saharic (Bella)

11-17-17: "You're already the best!" - Gale Reilly (Ali, Obee)

11-13-17: "Everything as done perfectly. Don't change a thing." - George Beausoleil (Lilly, Roswell)

11-13-17: "Awsome As usual Your the best" - Bernhard G Kloppenburg (Bella, Cooper, Copper, Duke, Nikko)

11-10-17: "There is no way that I can see for a better experience. Have been coming to Dr. Blake for over about 18 years. he has taken care of all of my dogs from puppies. He is the best." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

11-10-17: "Very caring and kind staff" - Lee Koepke (Murphy)

11-07-17: "Always excellent care for all my 'kids'. Thanks so much" - Carrie Reneau (Dexter, Nyobi, Onmyoji, Penelope, Wang Yu, Zatoichi)

11-07-17: "Dr Blake takes very good care of all 5 of my animals!!" - Kristin Wilson (Dolly, Lucey, Nahla)

11-06-17: "As always, excellent service for a same day appointment." - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

11-05-17: "Awesome veterinarian and staff!!" - Lisa Dibenedetto (Cocoa Chanel)

11-03-17: "We appreciate all you do to help us care for our crazy doggies." - Lorraine Boise (Abigail, Lucy, Max)

11-03-17: "Impossible as we always have a wonderful experience. Suzie always races to the door-that speaks volumes!" - Cheryl Shankle (Suzie)

10-30-17: "There is nothing to improve. You all are the best at what you do." - Vanessa Cucinelli (Heidi, Sunny)

10-24-17: "You were great!!! Thank you again." - Janet Masek (Chi Chi, Rico)

10-20-17: "We love Dr. Blake!<3" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

10-19-17: "Dr. Blake has been taking care of our animals for almost 14 years. We would not go anywhere else. We recommend BVH every chance we get." - Kit Ingalls (Chaco, Ginger)

10-15-17: "Everybody in the office is very professional and treats Ava and me wonderfully . Thank you for your excellent service that you have provided to me" - Michelle Sermons (Ava)

10-07-17: "As always, our experience was outstanding!!" - Jane Tynes (Bart, Cranky, Jose, Sam)

10-07-17: "My experience was perfect. I always appreciate your excellent care." - Nancy Cohn (Kadee, Tux)

10-06-17: "Thank you so very much for all your wonderful care. Maisie is getting back to normal quickly." - Jaci Hurst (Maisie, Phoenix)

10-05-17: "Very pleased with service provided by the staff and Dr. Blake. He showed his concern for the situation I had brought Callie in for and I really appreciated his suggestion to calm my cats at night time so I am purchasing a plug in diffuser from Amazon. Thank you all so much for showing that me and my kitty kat are welcomed to your vet clinic." - Brenda Colon (Callie)

10-03-17: "Mac is always treated amazing by you guys!!!!" - Amy Hoy (Mac)

10-02-17: "Always a great and personal experience" - Cathy Yann (Cali, TBow)

09-26-17: "visit was good. look forward to actually seeing dr blake next time." - Brian Keith (Corona)

09-25-17: "It doesn't get any better, as always exceptional service from Dr. Blake and his entire staff!!! Thank you all for taking such good care of Mattie, Gave and the whole game. Tom" - Delynda Faudel (Annabell, Gabriel, Mattie, Merlin, Sadie)

09-24-17: "The depo shot helped, she walking almost normally again." - Alan Parker (Jasmine, Zeena)

09-23-17: "The only problem was not receiving a print-out of what was administered to Dickens on our visit. I didn't receive it by e-mail, either, though I received this survey. Susan is kindly sending me that information by postal mail. The staff was great and this was the only glitch." - Janet Watson (Dickens)

09-19-17: "Just this morning I met new neighbors and when they told us about their 11 year old lab I told them I knew the best vet in this area and I will be sure they get your number." - Sylvia Creutz (Abby, Buddy, Charlie, Little Thing, Lucky, Ron's Chico, Snowball, Thomas)

09-19-17: "You ALL are awesome! I have complete confidence in the care and advice you give us regarding our pets! Thank you!" - Elizabeth Dwyer (Bella, Bubba, Harper, Rikki)

09-09-17: "As always. Love Dr. Blake and staff. And my sweet dog Loves them too." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

09-05-17: "I appreciate your commitment to my best friend. I would recommend your practice to everyone. Wish you could find the fountain of youth......." - Eileen Dubay (Keno)

09-03-17: "We always have a great experience at Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

08-24-17: "We are very happy with the doctor, and the results. The only "better" way is working on Sundays too??.. Sorry if we are very "greedy"" - Sandra Hoppe (Bullet, Lima)

08-21-17: "Thanks for all you do to help my family of pets." - Linda Willison (Bella, Mia)

08-16-17: "Great Vet !!" - Trenna Hicks (Kovu, Pretty Bird, Skitzo)

08-05-17: "So far, so good. Love Dr. Blake" - Dianne Saharic (Bella)

08-03-17: "Wonderful staff and great Veterinarian!" - Sylvia Kelly (Brownie, Buster, Chester, Dixie)

07-31-17: "Excellent staff. Even the "substitute" vet was great!" - Mary Jo Merritt (Allie, Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Drake, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

07-30-17: "You all are AWSOME. I've been with you for over 11 years, and you have taken great care of my dogs and me :)" - Shelly Francis (Rusty, Sonny)

07-25-17: "Everyone at Blake Veterinary is so kind, helpful, and caring!! You've been great!! Thank you!!" - Lynn Reinhardt (Zoey)

07-24-17: "They always let me go in with her this time they didnt otherwise receptionist are awesome and they always take good care of Taylor i just like going in with her cause shes old and doesnt like being away from her mommy" - Renee Chapman (Taylor)

07-23-17: "Our dogs are the most important people in our lives and you treatment them the same." - Margaret Badgley (Beona, Jake)

07-22-17: "We love Dr. Blake and the caring staff. Perhaps the only critique would be not to have to wait as long in the room. But having said that, I found out later that there were several "walk-in's". And really, the fact that Dr. Blake sees these sick animals is awesome! I wouldn't have it any other way! Thank you Dr. Blake and staff......Freda lowke" - Freda Lowke (Maggie Rose, Miss Molly)

07-21-17: "Thanks guys foryour care in our pets special thanks to Dr. blake for always helping us out. See u soon" - Carmen Montenegro (Callie, Kitty, Lady, Minnie)

07-14-17: "Can't think of anything, I refer all my furry friends parents to you." - Karen Plank (Chloe)

07-08-17: "It was as good as it gets. We need you to come to the home to give Scooter a B12 shot." - George Daly (Mr Kid D, Scooter)

07-08-17: "I love all of you because you love Jazzer!" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

07-06-17: "Thank you annie...Abby has not scratched at if we can just figure out cough maybe I can sleep better!!!" - Sylvia Creutz (Abby, Buddy, Charlie, Gidget, Little Thing, Lucky, Ron's Chico, Snowball, Thomas)

07-03-17: "Our visit was PERFECT!!" - Shirley Lewis (Georgie, Kino, Peanut, Scooter)

06-30-17: "I appreciated Dr. Blake's compassion and his confidence in spotting Suki's issue immediately. Suki is a piece of my heart, very appreciated of Dr. Blake's patience with my questions." - Claudia Bleich (Liza, Suki

06-29-17: "Always very pleased to deal with staff and Dr. Blake. They always take care of my pet with care." - Gayle Pace (Angel)


06-24-17: "Nothing comes to mind. Thank you" - Claire Leboeuf (Bijou)

06-23-17: "Very pleased with the care Bella received. Her wound is already looking better. Thanks Dr. Blake and staff." - Linda Lindquist (Bella, Cayenne, Elvis)

06-22-17: (Rated 10/10) "And I have many times!" - Jean Montgomery (Bella, Cassie, Dixie, Dutches, Simon)

06-19-17: "Always appreciate the personable service for my pets." - Roberta Millard (Leo, Rusty Bear, Sara)

06-18-17: "We love Dr Blake and his staff!" - Amy Krystofiak (Bella, Cheeta, Darla, Luna, Pixie)

06-17-17: "The quality of care, and the kindness and attentiveness of all the staff, cannot be beat. We always recommend Dr Blake when asked." - Cheryl Shankle (Suzie)

06-15-17: "Dr. Blake and his staff are wonderful. My dog is hard to handle, especially when thermometers and syringes are involved! The staff was so kind and patient that when it was all over, my dog actually licked them and wagged his tail! Wonderful people...So professional and kind. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else." - Penny Snyder (Rascal)

06-12-17: "Bring Heather back! (lol) My experiences with Dr. Blake and his staff has been wonderful. I'm sure there is room for improvement, but I see NONE. They are the best!" - Sharon Hamilton (Halo Angel)

06-08-17: "I have been bringing all of my dogs to Dr. Blake for over 13 years, and I tell everyone that if you want a team to take care of your pet, Blake Veterinary Hospital is the place to take them. Everyone is great." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

06-08-17: "As usual, everything was great! Excellent service and staff." - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

06-05-17: "You all are so wonderful. Thank you for all your kindness and care at a very difficult time and helping Kiki to get well." - Pam Sullivan (Kiki)

06-05-17: "I always have a good experience with the employees and Dr. Blake is the best!" - Cathy Yann (Cali, Tbow)

06-04-17: "I absolutely love the attention and care you give him your patients" - Lyzette Sosa (Amber)

06-03-17: "Love this place" - Kelli Sims (KK, Mizzo)

05-30-17: "You guys are great, thank you!" - Diane Calello (Scarlet)

05-27-17: "My experience with Blake Veterinary Hospital was, and always is, very positive; therefore, I can think of nothing that what would improve on that." - Alfred Capodiferro (Kaycee G)

05-26-17: "no issues - thanks for taking care of Jack!" - Elaine Roberts (Jack)

05-25-17: "I already have recommended you to several of my friends. We are grateful for all you do." - Eileen Dubay (Keno)

05-23-17: "We love Dr. Blake and have been bringing our fur-family to see him for many years. We find everyone to be very friendly and he is very reasonably priced. It is well worth the drive from NPR to see him." - Jeanna Leedom (Asheko, Asher, Neko, Savanna)

05-16-17: "provide hot tea and donuts while we wait Pip loves tea and donuts. JUST KIDDING!!!! You guys are always great. Thank you all for taking such kind care of my furry baby. Trish Poe" - Trish Poe (Bella, Pip, Punkin)

05-15-17: "New to the area, appreciated how the friendly and helpful the entire staff is . Both of our fur babies will be back. The Doctor was wonderful with with both !" - Linda Blizzard (Bear, Lola)

05-09-17: "Everyone at Dr. Blake's office is professional, courteous and friendly. They take care of all 7 of our dogs and have for years. Just an outstanding team of friends." - Delynda Faudel (Annabell, Gabriel, Mattie, Merlin, Sadie)

05-05-17: "Awesome care, max is doing great" - Mike Garvey (Max)

05-02-17: "Blake Animal Veterinary is great. They treat you and your pet with compassion. My lil guy has COPD. They were able to turn him around, he is doing much better!" - Melodie Wilson (Rusty)

05-02-17: "It was great. I cannot say anything bad about our experience. They took excellent care of us and made sure we fully understood everything!" - Janine Lehmiller (Daisy, Duke)

05-02-17: "you are awesome!!!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Charlie, Demon, Midnight, Tabby)

05-01-17: "Love you all, Dr. Blake you are the vest" - Virginia Riggs (Bumper, Claude, Ginger, Goldie, Simon, Wheeler)

04-29-17: "Can you serve wine in the waiting room? Everything was top notch" - Lonnaize Monteiro (Bailey, Knuckles)

04-20-17: "Dr Blake and his staff are the absolute best! Not only do I have a lot of my own rescues I also foster. His rates are excellent. He is very compassionate and caring and is the rest of his staff. I always HIGHLY reccomend him to my friends and the people that adopt my fosters." - Renee Coveleskie (Bogie, Dixie, Gizmo, Guinevre, Howard, Itty Bit, Ivan, John, Moose, Oliver, Princess Diana, Sammy, Selina, Titan, Willy, Woofie)

04-18-17: "Happy with Dr. Blake and staff." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

04-17-17: "Hank feels great already , thank you for fitting us in so quickly! Everyone was very helpful." - Susan Budd (Hank, Lola)

04-13-17: "I'm so glad I found Dr. Blake and Dr. Hinkle in Dade City . They take great care of my dogs. the staff at Blake Veterinary is always helpful and knowledgeable." - Lara Clowes (Jude, Ringo)

04-13-17: "Everyobody at Dr. Blake treats us like family, it doesn't get any better than that!!" - Kristine Schmelter (Hondo)

04-12-17: "Couldn't ask for more!!" - Stacey Leonetti (Toby, Zoey)

04-10-17: "Always great!" - Rachel LeBlanc (Paulleigh)

04-10-17: "We love Dr. Blake and his staff!" - Athena Sunderland (Bro, Lilly, Sophie)

04-07-17: "I am so grateful to have ALL of you!" - Nancy Debosek (Nate, Otto AKA Ace, Penny, Rowdy, Sugar)

04-04-17: "Appreciated the fact that you fit me in on a Friday when Dot was in pain from a back injury. Dr. Blake gave her a very thorough check and helped relieve her pain while her back heals. I think it would be great if you could have a pet chiropractor available every so often for maintenance." - Vicki Brittain (Dash, Dot, Fenmore)

04-03-17: "Princess was happy and I was happy" - Florence Bronder (Princess)

04-03-17: "We're very happy to have to as our veterinary resource. We feel we can trust you to make the best possible decisions for our pets. Thank you." - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Gus, Maggie Mae, Nathan)

04-01-17: "Only problem. Was promised a phone call to update me 2nd day. No one called. I had to call 3rd day. As to care he seems fine and I am grateful Dr Blake diagnoses and treated quickly" - Carole Cornell (Morgan)

03-30-17: "My pets get nothing but the best care. Dr. Blake and his entire staff including Brooke and Susan always make us feel like our fur babies are as important to them as they are to us." - Kristi Holden (Baby, Gimpy, Gizmo, Grayson, Lance, Little Girl, Popeye)

03-28-17: "Always super sweet staff!!!!" - Christine Wilder (Pepper, Sampson)

03-27-17: "Great staff and Dr. Blake is great too!" - Nancy Perkins (Josie, Patsy, Sarah)

03-26-17: "Dr. Blake and all the staff are fantastic. Give each pet special attention." - Maryann Taylor (Miss Chilli)

03-24-17: "I work as a Realtor in Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club and have helped many buyers acquaint themselves with certain services. I have sent many doggie/cat clients to Dr. BLake. His services are the only one I can "guarantee " they will be pleased! I believe the latest clients I sent were 2 cats ,last name Hansen. Also, Gus and Ammo (no longer with us) of Mr. Beverland. And Sir Bentley of Mrs. Voght! Dr. Blake is the BEST! And staff was very sweet and friendly!" - Linda Gregory (Gracie)

03-23-17: "You guys are the best! Of course I would recommend your office, I already have several times !" - Shirley Carlon (Brady)

03-22-17: "No fix needed, everything was great. Thank you" - Bill Parlee (Elvis, Reggie, Tigger)

03-21-17: "Blake Veterinary Hospital is so well organized, staffed, and run. It is most impressive that a series of tests and labs were conducted and results were immediately available so we could begin treatment the same visit for which I brought Chloe. Katie's instructions on how to administer meds were very clear. Susan has been a valuable contact, and Brooke is pleasant while being very efficient. Dr. Blake deserves his excellent reputation.Thank you, all." - Gail Reynolds (Chloe, Daphne, Oliver)

03-17-17: "Everything was great!" - Penny Snyder (Rascal)

03-13-17: "We couldn't have asked for anything more." - Arnold Dixon (Duchess)

03-11-17: "We love Dr. Blake & the staff is terrific. You could not have made it better. Thank you!" - Kit Ingalls (Chaco, Ginger)

03-11-17: "You are all terrific, and we appreciate all of your kind carefully for our "fur babies." We always recommend you." - Cheryl Shankle (Suzie)

03-09-17: "Thank you for taking care of Polly on such short notice. You came highly recommended and you will get the same high recommendation from me. Thank you very much" - David Jones (Polly)

03-08-17: "Everything was great. Waits were all very short which I appreciated a lot. Kelly was very informative regarding dental work fir Cinnamon which I am interested in doing because of her. (soon as money & time allows) Dr Blake answered my questions and gave direct answers, thanks ! Always been very happy with your services. I do recommend you my Dad brings his dog to you." - Cindy Mullen (Callie, Cinnamon, Socks)

03-06-17: "I could not have asked for better care for my little guy. Wonderful doctor and staff I really appreciate what you did for my little boy. You definitely got a 5-star rating from me!" - Brian Bonbrake (Phantom)

03-06-17: "Dr. Blake and the staff at Blake Veterinary Hospital have taken very good care of our pets for years. We appreciate the professionalism and the expertise we receive to keep our fur babies healthy and happy." - Lorraine Boise (Abigail, Lucy, Max)

03-03-17: "My fur babies and I luv the quality care and attention at Blake's. BEST vet and wonderful staff." - Judy Sarquist (Coby, Delilah, Geisha, Harry, Moose, Pepper Corn, Rota)

02-27-17: "Dont think you could everything went well and i got it quick" - Renee Chapman (Taylor)

02-27-17: "I got a rescue who was very sick. They were great with her. We're both happy she is completely well. The doctors and support staff are wonderful." - Andrea Valdez (GracieLola, Paint, Possom)

02-26-17: "Visit was great. Bruiser is doing well on the medication suggested." - Scarlett Glovasky (Blackjack, Bruiser)

02-26-17: "Very pleasant all around. Nothing to improve." - Scarlett Glovasky (Blackjack, Bruiser)

02-25-17: "Very satisfied with service for Kenzie" - Connie Devries (Kenzie)

02-23-17: "No improvement needed." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

02-21-17: "You have always provided Rusty with the best care!!!" - Melodie Wilson (Rusty)

02-19-17: "My experience was very good and I was very happy with everyone there." - Douglas Sinnard (Marty)

02-18-17: "Every time we call or come in we are always cared for friendly and professionally weather two legs or four. Thank you for the friendship and compassion in the past  year with our losses. Hoping we can be there for each other as we continue on." - Kathy Rhoads (Jazzy, Mia)

02-17-17: "I recommend Blake Veterinary to all of my friends. I always have a pleasant experience when I bring my dogs in." - Marissa Sabatino (Gasket, Sprocket)

02-16-17: "Every visit to your facility has been exceptional because every staff member is friendly, knowledgeable, and each person makes me feel that my pet is important. Your team is wonderful and outstanding! Thank you!" - Brenda Schlagenhauf (Corkey, Max, Pebbles, Zek)

02-16-17: "I recommend them every chance I can." - Vicki Hoppenworth (Andy, Beth, Grace, Lady, Maggie, Tyson)

02-13-17: "She is doing beautifully. Wound is clean. She licked off all the Derma bond during the night . The pain med has made a big difference. Thank you all. We are still trying to come up with a good name for her." - Becky Courtney (Sasha, Stray)

02-13-17: "As usual great service" - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

02-12-17: "Nothing to change My Sasha was very ill and she's getting better thank you all for seeing her" - Clarixza Quinones (Sasha)

02-04-17: "My experiences with Blake Veterinary Hospital have always been informative with friendly staff." - George Beausoleil (Lilly, Roswell)

01-28-17: "It is always a good experience to take our dog Lucy, just as it was with Shadow, to your vet hospital. Dr. Blake and the staff are great!" - Ann Halvorsen (Lucy)

01-27-17: "You guys are the best. We feel very cared for and secure in your decisions and treatments. The rooms are always clean and everyone seems to love their job. Thanks for being there for us and our dog." - Lynn Reinhardt (Zoey)

01-27-17: "Excellent vet = excellent staff." - Mary Jo Merritt (Allie, Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Drake, Lizzy, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

01-20-17: "Always a pleasure!" - Nancy Marsh (Tucker)

01-17-17: "Dr. Blake and his staff are amazing, each and every time. I trust no other veterinarian or animal hospital with my pets. Dr. Blake is extremely knowledgeable and always 100% in his treatment and diagnosis. His staff is always courteous, helpful, compassionate, caring, and efficient." - Kristi Holden (Baby, Gimpy, Gizmo, Lance, Popeye)

01-15-17: "I have already recommended Dr. Blake, both my sons and their wives bring their pets there." - Catherine Moore (Calamity, Chloe, Morris, Pepper Anne, Sampson, Tanner)

01-12-17: "I love the ease of getting an appointment, how sweet they treat my Lexi upon arrival, the kindness they show when drawing her blood, and the quickness of the results and wrapping up the visit!" - Heather Kinnear (Ellie, Lexi)

01-09-17: "Always courteous, always caring, always educational. The best of the best!" - Andrea Vogel (Ike, Jack, Toothless)

01-07-17: "I have been bringing all my dogs to you and I highly recommend your services to everyone looking for a good vet and staff. thanks for always being there for my dogs and me." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

01-03-16: "I praise your practice to every pet owner I know. I tell them how passionate Dr Blake is everytime he is with one of my puppies. Brooke and Susan are great as are the assistants to Dr Blake, that helps me and my puppies. I cold not have children, puppies are my kids. Thank you all very much." - Sally Koiso (Lucy, Mitsu)

12-11-16: "I recommend Dr Blake to all my pet parent friends. I was very impressed when i met Dr B several years ago at San Antonio Vet. He has had a great personality and is very intelligent." - Dawn Hamel (Hannah)

12-10-16: "Thanks for taking good care of my fur babies!" - Bonnie Wyckoff (Beau, Belle, Buster)

12-08-16: "Always feel confident that my 'babies' will be better in no time after seeing Dr. Blake....Ms Molly is already feeling better!" - Freda Lowke (Maggie Rose, Miss Molly)

12-03-16: "No improvement needed. I have never had a bad experience since I have been going to Dr. Blake, which is at least 9 years. Dr Blake and whole staff are great." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

12-02-16: "It was a good experience just the way it was" - Donna Hannah (Glory, Hanna, Mojo)

11-25-16: "Boomer was put off by another vet, and the practice told me that his wound could wait. Dr. Blake saved the day and the wound! I am so happy to be back. Dr. Blake was our vet for Radar, my dog who died in August. Sometimes you just got to stick to a good thing! Happy Thanksgiving to all!" - Kristina Porter (Boomer)

11-25-16: "I moved here from Michigan 6 years ago and was referred to Dr. Blake. Dusti has never had such a kind, knowledgeable and trusting doctor as Dr. Blake. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Blake and everyone on his team." - Michele Donagrandi (Dusti)

11-21-16: "I drive over an hour to your Vet solely because you guys are the best." - Arthur Villa-Real (Bella, Corona, Scarlett)

11-21-16: "Nothing, you are awesome!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Charlie, Demon, Midnight, Tabby)

11-18-16: "Staff friendly and caring. Dr Blake gave medical information that I desired about Gizmo diagnosis. Felt he was well taken care of. Will be returning for future check ups and procedures." - Sandy Barnes (Gizmo)

11-15-16: "I have recommended BVH to many friends." - Joanne MacEachran (Misty, Molly May Sunshine)

11-12-16: "I was recommended to by a friend to take my puppy there and I am very satisfied with their service, they are a very good team, and know what they are doing and they know how to handle my pet and are very respectful, thanks for all ur help and service" - Adelina Hernandez (El General)

11-04-16: "everybody is very pleasant" - Molly Bowman (Angel)

10-30-16: "change nothing. Your staff of techs and vets main priority is the pet, then the owner. I am grateful for what you did to make Duke feel better." - Debra Molzon (Duke)

10-29-16: "We are very pleased." - Don Blattert (Missy)

10-23-16: "Everyone is always so nice and helpful! Glad my cat is healthy - lol thanks again - Elaine Roberts" - Elaine Roberts (Jack)

10-21-16: "Experience as excellent, as always." - Karen Drennon Vreeland (Cleo)

10-14-16: "I just recommended Dr Blake to a co-worker today - before receiving this survey." - Susan J Boyd (Angie, Baby Girl, Boyd, Jake, Jenna, Lucy, Royal Cat)

10-13-16: "Totally satisfied,, best vet,, best staff,,thank you all for your excellent care you give my cats" - Tessa Gonyo (Abby, Baby, Batmorda, Blondie, Gracie, Hazel, Keke, Little Buddy, Midge, Mumba, Portia, Puddin, Wally, Wilby)

10-08-16: "Sometimes I think the office is a little overbooked, so that appointment times are more like ballpark figures. However, the vets and staff have taken **excellent** care of my fur babies, and I would not hesitate to recommend the practice to anyone who's looking for a vet." - Brian Dean (Trixie)

10-07-16: "Thank you all for being so caring and for making my pets feel so loved. You always take such good of them and thanks for taking time to listen to my comments and validate my concerns. G. Rathbone" - Gale Rathbone (Ella, Kosmo, Oliver, Tabby, Twiggy, Zell)

10-06-16: "Make Jazzer's eye 100% :)" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

10-03-16: "We are always happy with the care our dogs get at Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Lorraine Boise (Abigail, Lucy, Max)

10-01-16: "my son stated everyone was kind and fussed over Rosie" - Toni Clayton (Audra, Rosie)

09-27-16: "Amazing group of people who truly care about your pet and your finances in mind. Can't thank them enough for taking such great care of so far 2 out of 3 of my dogs!!!!" - Marlana Rotolo (Bailey)

09-13-16: "Love everyone there! Kind and compassionate." - Linda Willison (Bella, Mia)

08-23-16: "Please don't change a thing." - Helen Perry (Lexi, Zoe)

08-22-16: "well pleased" - John Long (Champ)

08-15-16: "I have told five people to use Dr Blake and his awesome staff. That I am aware of, three have used him. All very pleased." - Renee Coveleskie (Titan)

08-12-16: "Outstanding veterinary service. Keep up the good work." - Aron P Medveczky (Nicholas, Zephyn)

08-11-16: "The girls at the front desk are amazing" - Clay Brewer (Bella, Gus)

08-11-16: "Great staff-happy dog" - Dave Peggy Richter (Frankie, Frits, Gracie)

07-29-16: "There is no way to improve on perfection! The excellent care and personable staff are next to no other veterinary office we have ever visited." - Konny Withers (Mosby)

07-28-16: "Miss Molly is a little nervous when it comes to vets. The tech and dr. made her feel at ease....I was surprised she was so calm" - Freda Lowke (Maggie Rose, Miss Molly)

07-28-16: "Dr. Blake 'had me at hello' last year when he was able to determine exactly what was wrong with Maggie's skin. After two applications she was better and we struggled with skin issues for years. Thank you Dr. Blake!" - Freda Lowke (Maggie Rose, Miss Molly)

07-26-16: "everyone was friendly and my experience was good" - Susan Peach (Fufee)

07-25-16: "Dr.Blake is wonderful. Tech was great also. We love your office and everyone there....Always a "10" in our book<3" - Bonnie King (Gracie)

07-24-16: "I was pleased with all. You were on time etc. only problem did not have size spray wanted" - Carole Cornell (Morgan)

07-22-16: "everyone was great." - Christine Page (Honey, Peanut, Sadie, Snortie)

07-21-16: "We love knowing that our dog is lovingly well cared for by Dr Blake and his staff!" - Melinda Bessenger (Chance)

07-21-16: "I was very impressed with the care you gave Jag. I have already told someone about you." - Brenda Schlagenhauf (Corkey, Jaguar)

07-18-16: "We love Blake Veterinary Hospital so much. I drive over an hour to get there because they are the best." - Arthur Villa-Real (Bella, Corona, Scarlett)

07-17-16: "Possibly shorter wait times, but I understand things happen. I love the care my pets receive with Dr Blake and staff." - Kimberly Collins (Bella, Dixie)

07-17-16: "Love you guys for all the great, loving care you have given to our animals." - Allan Murrhee (B. Mur, Judah, Sox)

07-16-16: "Will bring Jazzer in August for teeth cleaning. Hope to see Dr. Blake then" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

07-15-16: "Abby thinks Dr Blake is KING of the animal world" - Sylvia Creutz (Abby, Buddy, Charlie, Gidget, Little Thing, Lucky, Ron's Chico, Snowball, Thomas)

07-15-16: "the experience is there, no better place ill take my dog, Shes always in good hands" - Kelli Sims (KK)

07-04-16: "All our visits are wonderful. Could not ask for a more friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff." - Eileen Dubay (Keno)

06-28-16: "You did great!" - Susan Boyd (Angie, Baby Girl, Boyd, Ittens, Jake, Jenna, Lucy, Max, Royal Cat)

06-28-16: "Dr Blake and staff are amazing! So thankful" - Amy Krystofiak (Darla, Luna, Pixie)

06-25-16: "It was super. Thsnks" - Debbie Collin (Melanie)

06-24-16: "Staff is always so nice and friendly and always willing to help . I'm always pleased with every visit." - Mary Eckerson (Carmel, Cuddles, Gizmo, Jasper, Jenny, Shadow, Tabitha)

06-20-16: "I drive from safety harbor to take my jazzie to this vet. So caring and loving!" - Carrie Crockett (Jazzie)

06-20-16: "It was perfect!" - Dustin Rowe (Izzy)

06-17-16: "Love this place and service :)" - Bonnie Cabalu (Brutus, Callie, Jumbo, Marlin, Mela, Nina, Scooby, Tinkerbell)

06-16-16: "You are all wonderful !" - Diane Linindoll (M'lady)

06-13-16: "Love your TLC for my animal" - Deborah Walters (Maggie Mae, Rosie)

06-06-16: "It was great. Received the best of care." - Rhondda Waddell (Andy, Tai)

04-07-16: "Na" - Cheryl Rumph (Darla, Dixie)

06-05-16: "2 thumbs and a paw up!!!" - Richard A Weber Jr (Zeus)

06-04-16: "As usual, staff and Dr BLake are great." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

05-27-16: "You guys always provide the best treatment for our beautiful, furry "kids."" - Mary Jo Merritt (Allie, Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Drake, Lizzy, Marshall, Sasha, Sophia, Susie Q, Vito)

05-14-16: "Everyone was very helpful." - Mary Findlay (Dominic, Hunter, River, Tonto)

05-12-16: "It was improvement needed." - Mary Lee Capparelli (Miss Gracie, Precious)

05-09-16: "We always have a great experience. Don't change a thing!" - Lorraine Boise (Abigail, Lucy, Max)

05-06-16: "We are so very pleased with the care we receive there thanks for everything." - Libby Harris (Pepper)

05-02-16: "Thanks to Dr. Hinkle! Rosie is soooo much better now!" - Peggy Johnson (Rosie)

05-01-16: "I've never been disappointed with the care my pet receive's from Dr. Blake and /or his staff." - Marge Davis (Kitu)

04-30-16: "Always comfortable with Doctor and staff. Thank you." - Kathryn Gallick (Miss Dade)

04-26-16: "We always have good, caring service - don't think it gets any better :-)" - Ann Linsky-Mausz (Bruce, Gus, Maggie Mae, Nathan)

04-25-16: "You were kind to fit us in that day,which was appreciated since the dogs kept us up through the night with their coughing" - Toni Clayton (Audra, Rosie)

04-24-16: "Care was extremely careful and complete. Thanks" - Nancy Poe (Holly Daze)

04-23-16: "Very thorough exam and helpful with questions. Thanks for your help in keeping Gucci healthy!" - Ronel Delano-Ellis (Gucci)

04-19-16: "There is nothing, you are all wonderful. I wouldn't trust no one else with my animals, especially Dr. Blake" - Virginia Riggs (Claude, Goldie, Simon, Wheeler)

04-19-16: "We appreciate everything you do for our four-legged family members! We are always pleased with the level of service we receive!" - Jared Baum (April, Louie, Phin, Rudy, Star, Willow)

04-15-16: "Everyone is always kind, caring and helpful and that is greatly appreciated!" - Lynn Childers (Baku, Blackie, Inky, Max)

04-14-16: "You have always been the best!" - Cecila Hall (Essa Mae, Sheba)

04-14-16: "Always recommend Dr. Blake. I believe he is the best Vet around!" - Nancy Davis (Samantha, Teddy)

04-10-16: "Nothing - you guys have always been very helpful to me and my pets. thankyou" - Trenna Hicks (Pretty Bird, Skitzo)

04-09-16: "We are very pleased with the are Bella received at Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Judith Salac (Bella)

04-07-16: "Dr. Blake and his staff are the best. The office is efficient and calm. BVH strikes the perfect balance between appointments and allowance for emergencies." - Gail Reynolds (Chloe, Daphne, Oliver)

04-04-16: "Could not get any better!" - Kathryn Ann Baker (Eva)

04-02-16: "Awesome staff and doc" - Bernhard G Kloppenburg (Bella, Cooper, Copper, Maddie, Nikko)

04-01-16: "couldn't. always great" - Maryann Taylor (Miss Chilli, Mr. G)

03-28-16: "I always feel Maggie is well cared for" - Shirley Tucker (Maggie)

03-25-16: "Dr. Blake and all his staff are wonderful. When we moved to Zephyrhills, we decided to stay with Dr. Blake even though there are many Vet's really close to us. We just love you all. After Trixie's surgery, I don't think she feels the same...LOL" - Kathy Sisto (Lucy Lou, Trixie)

03-25-16: "Keep up your excellent care of our precious little people with fur!" - Susan Bittmann (Jazzer)

03-22-16: "The service and care Dr. Blake and his staff provide are second to none. Don't change anything." - Delynda Faudel (Annabell, Gabriel, Mattie, Merlin, Sadie)

03-15-16: "It was great, would not ever take my animals anywhere else." - Gena Hester (Rizzy, Rocky)

03-14-16: "Most caring folks I know and trust." - Judy Sarquist (Delilah, Geisha, Harry, Moose, Rota)

03-12-16: "Na" - Cheryl Rumph (Darla, Dixie)

03-11-16: "Hank came into our lives last September as a stray and turned out to be a great part of our family.  We were so happy to find a Vet that would treat Hanks heart worms at such an affordable price!" - Susan Budd (Hank)

03-08-16: "Don't think it could have been any better" - Renee Chapman (Taylor)

03-08-16: "Can't think of anything at the moment.  You got us in quickly and everyone was very courteous and professional." - Jenny Puchferran (Gizmo)

03-07-16: "I do not think you could make it any better with my experience.  The staff and doctor made it a very enjoyable visit." - Judy Michalec (Tara)

03-07-16: "Nothing! Every time we took Molly y'all took good care of her & loved her! Lil Man gets taking care of every time. We love our Vet & Staff. Thank y'all for caring so much!" - Brenda Dixon (Lil Man)

03-04-16: "perfect experience as always" - Emily Caponigro (Lucy, Oreo)

03-03-16: "I've often told people how impressed and pleased I am with Dr. Blake and the entire staff. My last visit was improvement necessary!" - Penny Snyder (Minnie)

03-03-16: "It was the best." - Susan Slater (Lilo, Molly)

02-27-16: "Don't think it could have been better.  I was very satisfied. ALL of you are great." - Mary Lee Capparelli (Miss Gracie, Precious, Sam)

02-27-16: "Nothing, you were great!" - Karen Doherty (Duke, Dunkin)

02-27-16: "You have always cared for Mickey as I expected - I don't know what more you could do.  You understand that Mickey has special needs and understand how special he is to our family." - Tony Watkins (Mickey)

02-23-16: "I was really happy that I was able to get Marty in so quickly, and had friendly staff." - Douglas Sinnard (Marty)

02-23-16: "It was a very smooth visit!  Thank you!" - Janine Lehmiller (Daisy, Duke)

02-22-16: "Everyone exceeded my expectations.  Thank you" - Arlene Henry (Heather)

02-22-16: "Dr Blake and his team are the best! I drive 45 minutes to get to the office.  The professional care and compassion are second to none." - Michael Hayes (Bella)

02-21-16: "It was fine" - Christine Page (Honey, Peanut, Sadie, Snortie)

02-20-16: "Everyone was very kind and helpful." - Virginia Frissell (Heidi)

02-16-16: "Great doctors and staff." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

02-16-16: "Very professional Thanh you" - Real Daigle (Moka, Snoopy)

02-14-16: "It was perfect.  Thanks" - Lee Koepke (Murphy)

02-13-16: "We couldn't ask for better care of Glory and our other two dogs Mojo and Hannah." - Donna Hannah (Glory, Hannah, Mojo)

02-13-16: "There's already neighbors and friends going to Dr. Blake now from Port Richey and Tarpon Springs area." - Diane Roth (Jessie, Spath)

02-12-16: "Everyone at Blake Veterinary is friendly and we truly sense they care about the health of our pets." - Ann Mausz (Bruce, Lila, Nathan)

02-12-16: "I find the staff friendly and helpful." - Jeanne Joiner (Molly, Sadie)

02-12-16: "Dr. Blake and the Veterinary clinic is the best!" - Judy Pharis (Bunker)

02-09-16: "Service was exceptional as always!" - Jared Baum (April, Louie, Phin, Rudy, Star, Willow)

02-09-16: "Dr. Blake, I cannot tell you how helpful you and your staff have ALWAYS BEEN! AS busy as it can get there, NEVER has anyone of your staff ever been anything but kind and professional, which says a lot for their BOSS! I have given and will continue to give your name out to anyone looking for a good. caring Veterinarian . Thank You All!" - Marge Davis (Kitu)

02-07-16: "Excellent care. Thanks." - Nancy Cohn (Kadee, Tux)

02-06-16: "I felt the staff were welcoming and friendly from the minute I arrived.  I would certainly recommend them to anybody looking for a vet" - Susan Masson (Gucci)

02-06-16: "Because, with the addition of Dr. Hinckle, you are the best!" - Mary Jo Merritt (Allie, Axel, Baby Dachsie, Bobcat, Carina, Drake, Lizzy, Marshall, Sasha, Susie Q, Vito)

02-03-16: "You guys were great!  It meant so much to know that you guys knew exactly who Scarlet was, especially on her first visit! You guys put my mind at ease with her bladder stone and were so patient to answer ALL my questions. Thank you guys!" - Diane Calello (Scarlet)

02-02-16: "You and your team are awesome! Thank You for taking such good care of us and treating our 'family' as if it is your own!" - Joy Norcia (Isabella, Rocco)

02-01-16: "Everyone in this practice is phenomenal! I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Blake and his staff!" - Konny Withers (Rudy)

01-31-16: "Nothing! ! You guys are the greatest." - Jennifer Bullington (Rufus, Lightening, Stewart)

01-30-16: "Always treated great" - Kenneth Urbuteiton (Rudy, Schnitzel)

01-29-15: "You always do a great job, we are very happy with you services.  Thank you." - Tiffany Miller (Oscar)

01-25-16: "You guys are awesome! You care for Rusty the same way I do.  Thanks for getting him in so quickly!" - Melodie Wilson (Rusty)

01-24-16: "Best vet experience to date!" - Karen Drennon Vreeland (Cleo)

01-16-16: "I can't think of a way the experience could be better." - Nancy Debosek (Oscar)

01-16-16: "I don't know that the visit could have been made any better, we got answers that we were looking for." - Barbara Hillegass (Gretel, Mandi)

01-12-16: "No issues with the service or professionalism of the staff" - Lonnaize Monteiro (Bailey, Knuckles)

01-11-16: "it was fine -just nail clipping for Jack's back paws and a weight check - Thank you. Always good!" - Elaine Roberts (Jack)

01-11-16: "Everyone at Blake Veterinary has been great to deal with and our dogs are always well taken care of." - Danny Vaughn (Boomer, Harley)

01-09-16: "Was a pleasant. Experience." - Charles Burton (Bootsy)

01-08-16: "Was nervous because Godiva can become very anxious when at vets.  The staff were excellent & she stayed calm & we had a very good visit.  So glad for the recommendation from friend.  Thanks!" - Patricis Lewis (Godiva)

01-08-16: "I love this vet office.  I always recommend this vet and staff.  I've been coming here for years." - Tammy Lawler (Bailey, Lacey)

01-08-16: "Love you guys!" - Nancy Marsh (Tucker)

01-04-16: "Everyone working there deserves a 10. Always helpful and understanding.  We refer everyone the your office." - Kathy Sisto (Lucy Lou, Trixie)

01-01-16: "There is nothing to improve! We love it there!" - Talia Jansen (Leonardo)

12-26-15: "Just keep being you." - Missy Hicks (Abner, Billie, Penelope Joy, Sir Liam Clover, Sundance)

12-24-15: "No way.  I see no need for improvement." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

12-22-15: "You and your team are always answering any questions or concerns that I may have.  From day one and dog one you made us feel comfortable in coming to you for our dogs care.  For that I thank you" - Denis McDonald (Harley)

12-20-15: "Nothing :D" - Chris Bittmann (Jazzer)

12-14-15: "I wouldn't trust my pets to any other Veterinarian other than Dr. Blake.  His staff is excellent, very customer oriented, and compassionate.  I would highly recommend BVH to all of my family and friends.  Thank you!" - Krisit Holden (Baby, Gimpy, Gizmo, Lance, Little Girl, Popeye)

12-08-15: "Thank you!  I am also grateful for the reminder of trimming Margaret Rose's claws!!" - Dorothy Sherrow (Jack, Margaret Rose)

12-05-15: "They are both doing fine." - Bill Bradford (Chauncey, Chester)

12-05-15: "Blake Veterinary always provides the best service.  Your pet is ALWAYS number one with them.  Thank-You.  Don't change anything." - George Beausoleil (Lilly, Roswell)

11-29-15: "Continue exactly as you are.  Great veterinarian and staff.  Aside from his academic proficiency, Dr. Blake and his staff are compassionate and loving.  Best wishes from Aunt Ginny !" - Mary Jo Merritt (Allie, Carina, Marshall, Rocco, Susie Q)

11-24-15: "Had a great experience.  Did not have to wait long and everyone was very friendly." - Marcy Baker (Buddha, Percy, Snickers)

11-22-15: "I refer every person that asks me where to take their fur babies to Blake's Veterinary Clinic. No other veterinary cares for our pets and us humans like they do." - Helen Perry (Lexi, Zoe)

11-21-15: "Cannot imagine.  Your the BEST" - Linda Nogeiro (Oscar)

11-20-15: "Everything went fine.  You know I was concerned but you took him on time and contacted me asap thanks" - Carole Cornell (Morgan)

11-19-15: "We love the care you give all our dogs.  Thanks for your professional care." - Donna Hannah (Glory, Hanna, Mojo)

11-16-15: "I can't think of anything you could do better.  Thank you Dr Blake and all your staff.  You all are wonderful." - Fern Williams (Arlo, Cosmo, Dupont)

11-16-15: "Just keep treating our dogs good and loving them." - Barbara Hillegas (Gretel, Mandi)

11-16-15: "Thanks for all you do." - Marvin Archer (Lilly, Socks, Tucker)

11-02-15: "Couldn't have been any better.  She's already walking so much better, everyone was great." - Stephanie O'neal (Pipit)

10-24-15: "This place is awesome!!" - Clay Brewer (Bella, Gus, Haus)

10-18-15: "I am grateful that BVH was able to squeeze us in and overlooked our tardiness due to my reluctant (understatement!) patient.  I appreciate Dr. Blake does not treat possible -- vs. confirmed-- maladies.  Love the entire staff!" - Gail Reynolds (Chloe, Daphne, Oliver)

10-17-15: "neighbor thanked me wed morn for telling him about dr. blake....we tell all our friends about yall !!!!" - Sylvia Creutz (Abby, Buddy, Charlie, Gidget, Little Thing, Lucky, Ron's Chico, Snowball, Thomas)

10-15-15: "Thank you for taking care of Sammy- We look forward to hearing how he is doing there.  Miss him already." - Brenda Finora (Calli, Emma, Sammy)

10-13-15: "We have been going to Dr. Blake before he was Dr. Blake Vet :) Dr. Blake and his staff are kind and compassionate.  They treat our furry children like their own.  It is well worth the trip from Land O Lakes." - Fran Teza (Maggie, Rudy)

10-12-15: "I've already recommended you guys!" - Melissa Parker (Abby, Maddie, Oliver, Toby)

10-09-15: "Dr. Hinkle and his crew including reception were very professional and helpful.  I'm very happy to have a doctor I can trust my pets Jude and Ringo (who also saw the Dr,) in my new home town" - Lora Clowes (Jude, Ringo)

10-06-15: "Everyone was very nice and the doctor was to the point and answered all my questions.  I was relieved when I left and the cost was very reasonable.  Thank you so. much" - Michelle Mondello (Wags)

09-24-15: "You guys are the best" - Ray Mims (Angel, Bingo, Boscoe, Cookie1, Disco, Pistol)

09-22-15: "what could be cool is if you had the credit card readers for smart phones so that all services could be taken care of before leaving the examination room. the receptionist desk can be primarily check-in for appointments and making new appointments. Just a thought" - Candis Binkley (Bree)
That's a fantastic suggestion, we are currently working on implementing tools to assist in checking out clients while in the exam room.

09-21-15: "Abby loves Dr Blake and you girls are great also" - Sylvia Creutz (Abby, Buddy, Charlie, Gidget, Little Thing, Lucky, Ron's Chico, Snowball, Thomas)

09-17-15: "You guys are the best" - Sylvia Kelly (Brownie, Buster, Chester)

09-15-15: "Everyone took good care of my Charm and he had a thorough exam.  Thanks!" - Debbie Trested (Cece, Charm, Lucy)

09-12-15: "We were very satisfied with the service we received, thanks to all of you there" - Adelina Hernandez (El)

09-06-15: "Everything was great at our visit with Dr. Blake.  Everyone is so nice and helpful." - Mary  Eckerson (Carmel, Cuddles, Gizmo, Jasper, Jenny, Sabrina, Shadow)

09-04-15: "I enjoyed the progessionalism of the doctor and the staff.  My pet is in very good hands.  You all offer, knowledge and caring.  Nothing else is needed.  Thank you." - Aliki Delgado (Annie)

08-31-15: "I love Dr. Blake and his staff!  Thanks Susan, it was nice chatting with you!" - Patience Desmond (Candy, Chaz, Leila, Sissy, Zena)

08-30-15: "Don't think it could have been better.  I was very pleased with our visit." - Mary Lee Capparelli (Miss Gracie, Precious, Roxie, Sam)

08-22-15: "This is the best vet clinic with the best caring staff and Doctor on the planet!!" - Kristine Schmelter (Hondo, Lucy, Peanut)

08-18-15: "It was fine.  I understand emergencies can cause delays.  Love Dr. Blake he is the best!!" - Gena Hester (Ningy, Rizzy, Rocky, Ziggy)

08-15-15: "I felt I was in good hands, and with a vet and staff that cared for my dog's wellbeing.  They were so kind.  Thank you!" - Dee Dee Joyner (Max)

08-14-15: "great place! " - Rhoda Fitzpatrick (Candy, Doofus, Kiki)

08-13-15: "No waiting - caring attitude. " - Judy Pharis (Bunker)

08-10-15: "I was totally satisfied with Bunker's visit and the care he received." - Judy Pharis (Bunker)

08-10-15: "There is no way to make it better.  Very caring and accommodating all around!" - Lindsey Mohler (Frank, Prudence, Sadie, Sophie)

08-08-15: "It was very friendly and made Buttercup happy" - Janet Taylor (Buttercup, Reese Bear)

08-08-15: "Everything was great with very little wait time!" - Glenis Lowe Ortiz (Buddy, Demon, Charlie, Zitro)

08-04-15: "You do a great job and I tell everyone I know to come to Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Pamela Stevenson (Pearl)

08-03-15: "We've been there a couple times this week.  I couldn't ask for better care or more concern for our dog." - Jennifer Clements (Auggie, Macy)

07-31-15: "I can't think of any.  Pistol said those tonsils aren't where we thought they were." - Harold Heartsill (Catch-Up, Pistol)

07-31-15: "Dr. Blake was professional and competent.  We enjoyed the friendliness and efficiency of the staff." - Joanne Spingler (Kramer)

07-30-15: "everything was just fine.  Friendly staff and DR. Blake was superb in taking care of Sabrina for me & my husband." - Mary Eckerson (Carmel, Gizmo, Sabrina)

07-28-15: "Fast and GREAT service, Thanks!" - Stacey Wideman (Ace)

07-26-15: "Great group of people.  Always a pleasure." - Richard Weber Jr. (Zeus)

07-26-15: "As usual, everyone was extremely helpful and professional.  Thank you!" - Jane Tynes (Bart, Cranky, Sam)

07-24-15: "The service is great and the employees are exemplary!!  Don't change a thing!!" - Kris Cloversettle (Fred, Ginger, Hopscotch, Max, Midnight, Pumpkin, Tigerlily)

07-23-15: "You alll are the best!!  None better!!" - Christine Schmelter (Lucy, Hondo, Peanut)

07-21-15: "I always recommend Dr. Blake and awesome staff.  Even when we lived over an hour away we would not chance vets." - Jessica Palmer (Dozer, Gixxie, Pebbles)

07-19-15: "you need not change anything  the help with Daisy was great." - Debra Molzon (Daisy, Duke)

07-18-15: "We feel you have always taken better care than we could get anywhere else." - Rita Lazzara (Max)

07-18-15: "your staff takes good care of our cats." - Jane Herrmann (Kitten Katten, Speckles)

07-16-15: "Everyone and everything was great, as usual!" - Jane Tynes (Bart, Cranky, Sam)

07-13-15: "Everyone very friendly when we came in with our 'stinking cute little thing'. (Someone in the office words - not ours lol) Only needed two shots, but in and out quite quickly. :)" - Gail Clements (Toby)

07-11-15: "Always polite office staff.  Wouldn't change a thing!" - Sherri Hayford (Fidget, Leah, Sami)

07-06-15: "No suggestions.  Keep up great work" - Louann Clark (Caspian, Clyde, Lucy)

07-06-15: "Dr. Blake always does a great job and at a reasonable cost." - Frank Gebert (Nova, Sheamus)

07-05-15: "Maggie has had dental cleanings before but always spent the day sleeping or groggy.  This time at your facility, she was alert all day & had no vomiting." - Cynthia Blythe (Maggie, Pumpkin, Roxie)

07-02-15: "Love everyone there." - Gayle Pace (Angel)

06-24-15: "It couldn't be any better." - Richard Weber (Bailey, Maggie)

06-19-15: "you guys take very good care of my little Lucey.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!!" - Kristin Miller (Bryn, Dolly, Lucey)

06-19-15: "My pets have always received great care from Dr. Blake & his staff.  I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else.  Thank u Dr. Blake & your staff for being so caring & wonderful people.  And for always taking such good care of my pets." - Regina Sanchez (Annabelle, Bandit, Lexi, Lexus, Max, Rico, Sasha, Sassy, Tater Tot)

06-16-15: "They couldn't have." - Ken Christoff (Cesar, Chevy, Corvette, Jackson)

06-14-15: "Love your office." - Donna Crowe (Adi, Bochi, Bucky, Gizmo, Spice)

06-13-15: "You all made myself and Dade comfortable.  I was a bit anxious.  Thank you all." - Kathryn Gallick (Miss Dade)

06-12-15: "Thank You to Everyone at Blake,,,I Brought my Dog "Lucy",Who had Been refered by Planned Pethood.....She was Having Incontinence Problems & They Don't have X-Ray Equipment etc...From the Moment Lucy & I entered,Everyone there made us Feel Like "Family"....To me,My 3 Dogs are Family....I would Bring any of my Dogs there again......Thank You again for Your Care....I Learned more about Her Condition in 30 Minutes then I Learned in 2 Visits to Planned Pethood..." -  Joan McGaughey (Lucy, Pugsley, Buddy)

06-12-15: "I have sent a few of my friends there.  And tell everyone about how you guys ROCK!  And that Dr Blake is AWESOME!!" - Renee Coveleskie (Sammy)

06-11-15: "Dr. Blake and his staff are the best there is, so kind and pleasant and very good at calming me down, and treating my cats with kindness.  Thank you for caring about us." - Tessa Gonyo (Wally)

06-10-15: "in fact we have.we lov u guys and know u care about our dog like we do.thanx ginger and Carmen Cradenell" - Carmen Cardenell (Coco)

06-09-15: "Nothing you are all so friendly and helpful." - Stephanie Simmons (Lucy)

06-08-15: "You're already the BEST!  Keep up the wonderful, caring, and compassionate work.  Staff and veterinarian are tops in the field.  We love all of you guys.  Best to all from Aunt Ginny" - Mary Jo Merritt (Carina)

06-07-15: "Great Doctor and great staff.  Very helpful!" - Richard A Weber Jr (Zeus)

06-05-15: "Compassionate affordable care.  Whole staff goes above and beyond." - Karen Guerette (Milo)

06-05-15: "Since we moved we went to a veterinarian who was closer to our new home, but we were not at all happy with their service and made a decision to drive an extra 25 minutes to get to Dr. Blake's office - and we are glad that we did!  We have total confidence in Dr. Blake and his staff, and it is definitely deserved." - Cheryl Heath (Gizmo)

06-04-15: "All staff friendly.  Trust Dr. Blake!" - Melanie Foltz (Maxwell)

06-02-15: "We love Dr. Blake and the entire staff.  I recommend you to everyone I know." - Kathy Sisto (Lucy)

06-01-15: "Your service was great as it always has been.  Thank You & God Bless" - Wayne Buttery (Maxwell)

06-01-15: "Everything was great.  We love the care our pets receive." - Lorraine Boise (Max)

06-01-15: "My kitten's name is now Cali, not Stray.  Other than that, you guys are great so far!  Happy to be a customer!" - Susan Feres (Cali)

06-01-15: "Dr. Blake and his entire staff are always so knowledgeable and caring.  I will not take my pets to any other hospital.  Thanks to everyone at BVH for all you do!" - Kristi Holden (Lance)

05-30-15: "Dr Blake and his staff are the ONLY vet I trust to take care of my fur babies! <3 <3" - Suzy Martin (Molly)

05-28-15: "Everything was perfect.  Thank you all!" - Linda Willison (Lyric)

05-26-15: "No changes.  Zoe loves coming to see Dr. Blake.  Everyone treats her like a princess." - Helen Perry (Zoe)

05-26-15: "Not only have you helped me welcome a new member to my family (Versace), but you have helped me say good-bye to my dear Nala (rest in peace).  You all have been there for me and my family for over 10 years!  I cannot thank you enough." - Susanna Haberle (Versace)

05-19-15: "I can't imagine taking my furbabies anywhere else!" - Susan Hall (Bella)

05-19-15: "There is no way to improve on perfection!  Dr. Blake and each and every staff member are excellent!!!" - Konny Withers (Rudy)

05-18-15: "We always have a good experience" - Lora Morrison (Paste)

05-17-15: "Thanks for taking such good care of Mia.  She is fine and back to her old self." - Karen Smith (Mia)

05-17-15: "Very pleased with the staff, exam and efficiency of the veterinary hospital." - Susan Gambell (Buddy)

05-16-15: "no problems at all" - Kathryn Gallick (Miss)

05-13-15: "not possible, it was wonderful (:" - Heather Varnum (Lexi)

05-11-15: "Thank you for taking such good care of my baby girl Harley." - Marianne Booth (Harley)

05-09-15: "I think you all do a fantastic job and are always very helpful.  I have referred you to all my neighbors and will continue to do so." - Marge Davis (Kitu)

05-08-15: "We love Dr. Blake and the entire staff.  I recommend everyone I know to go to see you." - Kathy Sisto (Lucy)

05-08-15: "It was wonderful!" - Diane Linindoll (M'lady)

05-04-15: "I could not do anything better." - Alfred Capodiferro (Kaycee)

05-03-15: "Dr Blake is an awesome and compassionate veterinarian.  This is why we trust him 100% to take care of our "kids."" - Jennifer Croteau (Alley)

05-03-15: "Just keep doing what you do.  Dr. Blake and "company" have my total confidence.  Thank You!" - John Long (Champ)

04-30-15: "Everyone I meet in Lake Jovita while walking Molly asks if I take her to Dr. Blake.  when I said no, they told me to change.  Now I no longer have to say no.  Looks like 100% for Dr Blake.  Zero % for the others." - Joe Emanski (Molly)

04-28-15: "The office is always very kind and caring.  Thank you for all you do!  Jolie, Tlun, and Chewy." - Jolie Ferrand-Thomas (T'lun, Chewy)

04-25-15: "I recommend you guys all of the time.  Two of my friends now use you. :)" - Renee Coveleskie (Stretch)

04-25-15: "We have 2 dogs that have seen Dr. Blake.  Scheduling is very quick, wait times at the clinic are short.  Staff is very friendly.  Most importantly, we feel that our dogs are well taken care of.  Overall, we are very happy and have no intentions of taking our dogs anywhere else." - Kristen Kagey (Xeda)

04-24-15: "I don't think that you could.  You always are cheerful and attentive to sweet Chance's needs.  Thanks so much!!!" - Melinda Bessenger (Chance)

04-23-15: "Dr. Blake and staff are always professional, curtious.  We are lucky to have such a wonderful caring Dr.." - Rose Smith (Cowboy)

04-23-15: "You were very helpful and Dr. Blake was extremely kind and understanding!" - Cathi Diaz (Candy)

04-05-15: "You guys are the best" - George Noel (Carly)

04-18-15: "Very happy with Teddy's care" - Nancy Davis (Teddy)

04-16-15: "Great service.  Can't think of any improvements" - Karen Miller (Chiana, Dargo, Kirby)

04-16-15: "You all are awesome!  My experience was just fine. ;)" - Vanessa Cucinelli (Sunny)

04-15-15: "You guys are the best!" - Celeste Love (Maddox, Leah, Mondo)

04-15-15: "It was great!" - Susan Hall (Misha, Bella)

04-14-15: "none" - Genny Sikes (Zeus)

04-14-15: "Always happy with customer service and with our extended family, our dogs and cat :)" - Bonnie Cabalu (Oden)

04-13-15: "All Was fine Susan is super and person when I called was helpful" - Carole Cornell (Morgan)

04-13-15: "You were great with Sadee's care when she was spayed!  Thank you." - Susan Lawson (Sadee)

04-13-15: "I always speak highly of Dr. Blake.  I have brought my dogs to him for years and value his care of them." - Tammy Lawler (Lacey)

04-12-15: "you are the best, all of you there.  I have sent many people to you :))" - Linda Nogeiro (Oscar)

04-11-15: "Dr. Blake is always great.  His staff is always very friendly." - James Schulz (Dash)

04-10-15: "Dr Blake takes very good care of Kaylee" - Sandy Ducker (Kaylee)

04-07-15: "have no complaints" - Laurie Brown (Margarita)

04-06-15: "Perfect!" - Missy Hicks (Sundance)

04-05-15: "Awesome care for my little guy!" - Judy Wetherington (Casey)

04-05-15: "Blakes has always been our choice in Vets.  They always treat you right." - Donald & Vivian Davenport (Barkley)

04-04-15: "Love my Vet and the staff!!" - Gina Riggs (Claude)

04-04-15: "The experience was wonderful...I am great full to have u guys...Thanks So Much" - Kelli Sims (KK)

04-02-15: "Great place love everyone there" - Gayle Pace (Angel)

04-02-15: "Everyone is super nice." - Pam Brady (Scooby)

04-02-15: "Good Experience to get rid of fleas!  It was a good experience!" - Shirley Lawson (Sheba, Domino)

03-31-15: "Can not think of anything.  Very pleased with everything the doctor, staff, the facility and its cleanliness.  Everything is great including the prices.  Thank you at Blake Veterinary Hospital." - Debbie Babits (Shey)

03-31-15: "Practically Perfect, as always.  Thank you all for your support and continued care." - Gail Rathbone (Ella, Kosmo, Oliver, Snickers, Tabby, Twiggy, Zell)

03-31-15: "Everyone has worked very hard to keep Ralph going!  He is getting better and everyone has been very good with him." - Kathleen Galea (Gabriel, Ralph)

03-30-15: "The wait was longer than usual this last visit but I understand that emergencies happen and I don't mind the wait occasionally.  I love the small office and personal feeling of the environment." - Sarah Gude (Diego)

03-29-15: "Already have many times, I even have my son bringing his cat to you now.  Dr. Blake and staff are awesome!!!" - Catherine Moore (Callie, Chloe, Morris, Pepper Anne, Tanner)

03-28-15: "Love Dr. Blake and stsff" - Gayle Pace (Angel)

03-27-15: "We're happy with the service we get." - Donna Hannah (Mojo)

03-27-15: "Get the device restaurants use to notify customers when they have a table ready.  This would be a tremendous help for people who have a hearing problem and/or people waiting outside the office." - Doug Bittner (JJ)
Thanks to Mr Bittner's wonderful suggestion, we have since implemented a trial paging system via the PetPartner App.  Clients that have the app on their phone may request this service during check-in with the receptionists.

03-26-15: "Excellent staff and doctor!" - Diane Linindoll (M'lady)

03-26-15: "Always helpful, courteous especially with making appointments!" - Leanne Overstreet (Mason, Remington)

03-24-15: "Have been with this Vet hosp. for years, since we came to Fl. the best!" - Susan Lawson (Dudley II, Sadee)

03-21-15: "don't be an hour away :(" - Melody McMichael (Faye, Magellan, Sadie, Talia, Zephyr)

03-21-15: "not a darn thing, your great" - George Noel (Riley)

03-21-15: "It was a very good visit. We did not have to wait too long, and the assitant and Dr. Blake were very helpful and efficient. Especially appreciated the info for our dog at home and how to get her ready for a visit with your facility." - Jack Johnson (Weezy)

03-20-15: "I don't know that you can. I have always received the best care for my animals with you." - Donald Katz (Caesar)

03-19-15: "You did a great job of taking care of Jaeger. Thanks so much!" - Diana Dimitri (Jaeger)

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