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Hill's Pet Food Recall

Dear Friends,

Hill's has put out a voluntary product recall due to potentially excess levels of Vitamin D in some of their canned products. Only canine canned products part of the Prescription Diet or Science Diet lines are affected. As a Hill's product provider we want to ensure that all our clients are aware of this recall. If you have purchased any of the following prescription canned products:
c/d stew 12.5oz
i/d 13oz, i/d stew 5.5oz & 12.5oz, i/d low-fat stew 12.5oz
j/d 13oz
k/d 13oz
w/d 13oz, w/d stew 12.5oz
z/d 5.5oz & 13oz
Derm Defense 12.5oz
Metabolic+Mobility 12.5oz OR special ordered products we don't normally carry, please check this link to see if your food is part of the recall and we can assist with an exchange/credit:

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