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County Licensing


Effective immediately, we are required by law (Florida Statute 828.30 #3) to provide the county with copies of rabies vaccine certificates of all dogs, cats, and ferrets that we're currently vaccinating.

In conjunction with the rabies vaccine, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE every client to purchase a county license for their pet(s).

We have been informed that Pasco County will start following up with clients who have failed to purchase licenses and will fine those who do not comply.

Licenses are available for 1-year and 3-years.  The prices are as follows:

Altered 1-yr: $10 $5
Altered 3-yr: $27 $12
Intact 1-yr: $35 $15
Intact 3-yr: $100 $40

We apologize for any inconvenience.
Dr. Blake and Staff